Album Review:
Sep 14 2016

Album Review: "River's On Fire" by John 'Papa' Gros

By: Emily Hingle


Papa Gros has been cultivating his southern Louisiana groove on the stages of New Orleans for a long time, and he knows how to get his tunes into your head and body so that you don't know what's going on outside the club anymore. He has that laissez-faire sound on his songs like "House of Love," "Shaky Frank," and "Cocaine and Chicken Fricassée"; it's easy to call it a traditional New Orleans lazy sound, but they didn't practice for hours to be lazy. It's a laid-back, slightly slower tempo music that's made for relaxing in the sun, hanging out with your friends or walking the city at your own pace. It's like a soundtrack for your life here in New Orleans as opposed to a music created to make you dance at night. 

Album Review: "River's On Fire" by John Papa Gros

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