Album Review: Dash Rip Rock's Wrongheaded
Mar 10 2016

Album Review: Dash Rip Rock's Wrongheaded

By: Emily Hingle

Dash Rip Rock
Drag Snake Records

Dash Rip Rock is one of those long-running Louisiana rock bands that you can't help but be drawn to when they perform at one of our local festivals or at your favorite venue. Why? Because they just keep you entertained without pretense; they just play good music that makes you groove. Dash Rip Rock's latest offering is a raunchy yet light-hearted romp through the woods and swamps of southern Louisiana. It's a little weird as exemplified in "Finished" with the addition of a Moog synthesizer by guest artist Tanio Klyce. It's also a little 90's rock-influenced as you can hear in the appropriately named ditty "Awesome." Bill Davis (guitars), Patrick Johnson (bassist), and Kyle Melancon (drums) also shake things up with "Broken Arrow," which features a mix of acoustic and electric instruments for a more serious and somber tone to highlight the song’s sadder theme. Dash Rip Rock pulls off yet another varied and very entertaining album. 

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