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Ace Hotel New Orleans Using Daiquiris for Direct Hurricane Relief

10:05 October 12, 2017
By: Jordan Haber

On Wednesday, September 20, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as a category 4, the strongest storm to hit the US territory in 90 years. To say the damage caused was extensive seems like an understatement. Three weeks later, the island continues to struggle picking up the pieces. New Orleans is no stranger to crisis and has itself risen from the ashes following the impact of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The city has organized several relief efforts to aid citizens of Puerto Rico, a majority of whom are still without electricity and running water. 

As an average citizen, helping can be as easy as buying a daiquiri. For the month of October, Ace Hotel New Orleans will be donating $2 from every daiquiri sold at Seaworthy, Josephine Estelle, the lobby bar, and its rooftop bar Alto. All proceeds will be donated to Direct Relief, a nonprofit nonpartisan organization dedicated to providing essential medical resources for people affected by poverty or emergency situations. In a city associated with good food, music, and alcohol, why not attach it to a good cause?  Each of the hotel’s locations will be featuring a different daiquiri special:

Josephine Estelle: San Juan Daiquiri (Picture 1 of 4)
Don Q Cristal, creme de banane, demerara syrup, lime, bitters

Seaworthy: Spiced Rum Daiquiri (Picture 2 of 4)
Ed Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still Gold, Don Q Cristal, vanilla bean, star anise, nutmeg, peppercorn, cinnamon, bay leaf and raisin

The Lobby Bar: All Spice Daiquiri (Picture 3 of 4)
Don Q, lime juice, Barspoon Allspice Dram, mint, absinthe rinse

Alto: Peachy Keen Daiquiri (Picture 4 of 4)
Bacardi Superior, vanilla-cardamom syrup, lime juice

Photos by Georgina Rose

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