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Accelerate Your Technology-Based Business Venture with VILLAGEx 2022 Program

15:00 October 26, 2021
By: Re'gine Smith

Are you interested in starting and accelerating your technology-based business?

The Idea Village on Camp Street is currently accepting applications for their VILLAGEx 2022 program, allowing founders to expound on their growth. VILLAGEx 2022 is cohort-based and is an excellent opportunity for New Orleanians from anywhere to connect with those who are partaking in technology-based start-ups and obtain the necessary resources to execute their plans.

Corresponding with public health guidelines, the program will be in a hybrid format allowing in-person interaction in New Orleans. VILLAGEx 2022 runs from January to May, which is ample time for founders to gain access to mentorship from industry leaders and educational resources. Other perks included value to over $1 million—this program truly invests in the well-being of your business venture, so please take advantage while you can.

Before you apply for the program, make sure that your business presents the strength in at least two of the following areas: PRODUCT, TEAM, TRACTION, & MARKET. Evaluate what you've already come up with and be able to show others that your idea can improve a process or solve an issue. Show that your business model can make a drastic change in the industry. The program is designed to accelerate your start-up, so consider the time you must put into this process. The Idea Village understands that you have to work to make a living, to make things happen in general. But keep time management in mind.

VILLAGEx 2022 is looking for those individuals who already have some establishment in their businesses; they want to build on that traction. Before applying, you should have already at least created a game-changing product, cultivated a dedicated team, or demonstrated traction. The program expects you to demonstrate leadership, experience in what you are presenting, the desire to learn, and a willingness to take criticism.

To apply for VILLAGEx 2022, send your submission here by November 19. For more information about selection criteria, visit

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