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A (Skinny) Hot Buttered Rum

00:00 January 03, 2014
By: Anne Berry
hot buttered
[Courtesy of Anne Berry]

Hot buttered rum starts with an indulgent batter - usually, a blend of butter, brown sugar and spices (and sometimes, a quart of vanilla ice cream).

To finish the drink, spoon the batter into a mug and top with rum and hot water, and give it a good stir.

If it's too early in the new year for such riches, stop by High Hat Café, where manager Ryan Iriarte has crafted a skinny version.

It tastes just as decadent, silky and spiced, but here the butter touches the rum, then is "washed" out.

(Ryan infuses the rum with butter, then removes the fat by refrigerating the mixture overnight and skimming off the solids.)

What's left is a shimmering, buttery rum, to which Ryan adds brown sugar syrup and hot water. Ask for it next time you see him (it's not on the menu), or make your own.

Happy new year!

Skinny Hot Buttered Rum Written by Ryan Iriarte, courtesy of High Hat Café

2 cups spiced rum, like Donner-Peltier's Rougaroux 13 Pennies Praline rum

1 cup butter, melted

1 cup brown sugar

Whisk together the rum and melted butter; refrigerate overnight. The butter will separate and float to the top. When it's solid, skim it off and strain the rum through cheesecloth.

Make simple syrup by stirring brown sugar into 1 cup boiling water, just until the sugar's dissolved. Let cool completely.

To make the drink, stir together 2 ounces butter-washed rum, ½ ounce brown sugar simple syrup and 2 ounces hot water. Garnish with citrus peel and cinnamon stick or star anise.

Serves 1

High Hat Café, 4500 Freret, 754.1336

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