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A Sit Down with The Second Line Show

21:23 November 11, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré

It was a few days before Halloween when I walked in to the eclectic setting of live music bar Gasa Gasa. Known for their diversity of music acts, this night was to be something different. Live sketch comedy was on the nights agenda, and who could bring it to us better than The Second Line Show.

The Second Line Show is a live variety and sketch comedy show inspired by a NOLA grown group of uniquely talented individuals who’ve united as a team to create what I would only describe as pure comical genius.

As they hit the Gasa Gasa stage with a blend of sketch comedy, standup comedy and a lot of New Orleans flavor.

WYAT: Live sketch comedy has become popular in New York and Los Angeles. What made you decide to bring that style of performance to New Orleans?

The Second Line Show: There are a lot of different types of comedy here but it’s mostly stand-up and improv. We wanted to bring improv to the city especially during a time when New Orleans has become so popular.  

We recognized that there was a dearth of comedy like ours here in the city. There’s a lot of interest in New Orleans and now we have an opportunity to not only put New Orleans more so on the map but to put home grown talent at the forefront as well.

We saw the need for more diversity in sketch comedy and we bring that diverse kind of twist. We definitely wanted to make it New Orleans but not so New Orleans that people from other places won’t understand the acts.

WYAT: How did you build your team of talented individuals?
TSLS: It happened organically. It was one of those things where I knew one person and they knew a person and it grew from there. In order to keep our creative juices flowing we decided to create our own outlet and the fact that we connected organically really creates a strong chemistry between us.

The dynamic is so good it gives us an opportunity to interact with each other the way that we normally do but on a stage!

WYAT: How do you prepare for a show?
TSLS: We meet as often as possible, I’d say that’s been one of the challenges for us because we all have jobs and lives outside of the show, none of us are doing this full time.

The fact that we have such a good group makes it easier to find that grove.

Even with the challenges of scheduling we still manage to get it together and put on a show.

WYAT: Where do you see The Second Line Show in 5-10 years?
TSLS: Worldwide and everywhere. We’re definitely interested in taking The Second Line Sow on the road and traveling.

Of course our biggest goal is to become a syndicated television show.

But we just love what we are doing here in New Orleans. New Orleans is our home and everything grows from here.

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