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A Night for the Misfits: Emo Night Returns to Republic NOLA Tonight, Friday, January 12

15:51 January 12, 2018
By: 2Fik

Whether you grew up with the genre or developed an appreciation later in life, diehard emo fans have a special event curated just for them this weekend. Emo Night returns to Republic NOLA for its second iteration with headliners Klutch and TVBOO this Friday, January 12.

While Republic NOLA may typically host a dance-music-heavy schedule, Emo Night bucks that trend while still utilizing local DJ talent. The evening’s entertainment, co-headlining DJ/producers Klutch (Andre Waguespack) and TVBOO (Mitch Draper) will spin actual songs rather than remixes or top-40 club hits, going back-to-back straight through until closing time. For the less initiated, attendees can expect to hear tracks in and around the emo genre, with artists ranging from Taking Back Sunday and BUKU 2018 artist A Day to Remember, to Neck Deep and Drop Dead Gorgeous.

“It’s basically gonna be a great night for anybody who’s really in love with that genre,” said Waguespack. “All the Hot Topic kids from the past and present get together and just drink, enjoy themselves, and meet new people with similar passions who they don’t normally get to see out at the club.”

“And, it’s really just to enjoy a night of music for us,” Waguespack continued. “It’s not gonna be your top-40 club or dance music—it’s gonna be the music that we listen to in our rooms alone.”

The first Emo Night at Republic NOLA back in late October turned out a sizable, energetic crowd for guest DJ Derek Sanders of the popular emo band Mayday Parade. Klutch and TVBOO may not be guest DJs from an already established emo outfit, but the two have a deep knowledge and appreciation for the genre. Also, both artists have demonstrated their ability to work a Republic crowd and will be encouraging crowd participation to the same raucous level as the last event.

While this is only the second iteration of this event, Waguespack feels confident that it won’t be the last, as the genre has begun to pick up steam. He and Draper will soon be officially releasing the recording debut of their own emo-based side project, which the duo hopes will contribute to emo’s rebound locally and nationwide.

“I see a big resurgence within this music coming soon—not directly right now,” said Waguespack. “I’ve recently read some polls that it seems kind of stagnated fan-base wise, but this music speaks to a lot of people.”

Doors open at 10 p.m., and admission for Emo Night NOLA at Republic NOLA is free before 11 p.m., with a $10 cover afterward. And Waguespack has a few parting words for anyone on the fence about tonight’s plans:

“If you want to do what you’re going to be doing at home anyway, but with a bunch of awesome people—like, I know you’re gonna be at home listening to this music; I know you’re gonna have that playlist on; I know you’re gonna be jamming to this,” said Waguespack, “so, just get out of the house, come and enjoy that, and scream your lungs out with people who are gonna know every single word with you. This is a night for the misfits, man.”

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