A List of Good Film-Dissertation Ideas to Explore

23:10 November 11, 2020
By: Michael Turner

The film is a powerful communication tool. It has a huge impact on both the social and cultural aspects of many people in our generation. The various dissertation topics and research conducted by students in college have helped people to properly understand the process of filmmaking.

Since you are going to spend a lot of effort for several months researching a chosen topic, select an appealing subject to avoid boredom. Here are interesting film dissertation ideas to explore:

If you are looking for a filmmaking dissertation idea

Little is known about the history of films; available records date back to the 1900s. The brilliant mind of creative filmmakers is evident, since the software was not open for editing. To mirror the society, they had to work on raw and relevant data related to the community.

There are several topics that students can focus on when conducting research. Depending on the education field you studied in college, consider the evolution of films as a possible subject. It is a very broad topic. The information is still scanty, hence the need for more comprehensive studies and maybe some help from dissertation writing services will help. EduBirdie offers professional writing assistance to college students to enhance their education process and makes even the toughest topic look easy.

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The role the digital media has played in the film industry

There are several modes of communication that have played significant roles in the development of the film industry. In this digital era, digital media has had various impacts on filmmaking.

The various impacts of social media provide a good dissertation-writing topic. Choose a niche that interests you, and with a little seriousness, being one of the best in your college is possible. For instance, social media is vital in advertising films. On the contrary, it has also led to the theft of contents, therefore compromising copyrights.

Impact of true crime and crime fiction

Movies on criminology are among the most-viewed films, topping the charts for several years in a row. Crime-thriller movies are interesting; age is not a factor, since both young and old movie enthusiasts enjoy them.

The impact of films about crime is a very broad dissertation topic. Students are at liberty to choose the topic of choice. It has both positive and negative effects; therefore, finding the most suitable topic is a simple task, depending on your educational background.

Film figures

Are you critical with details? If yes, choosing a topic on an individual film producer or actor is the best choice for you. There are several great actors and filmmakers whose impact on the film industry is priceless. The selfless acts of such people are not properly documented.

Therefore, students can bring their names back to life by conducting a serious study on them. Dissertation-writing is simpler with such topics, since information is easily available. From the journals in your college library to print-media records, such a study is simple.

Unlike other topics that are difficult to present, a presentation on film figures is simple. Who doesn't know Charlie Chaplain? Preparing a defense on this is simple. To schedule a great dissertation offers the best ways to launch a proper defense.


Changing trends

The film industry is one of the most dynamic sectors worldwide. Just like in politics, a day is a very long time in this sector. In the past, film was not a money-making venture. It was more of entertainment for the masses. However, from the 1950s, moviemakers gradually changed it to a money-minting sector. This trend has continued, to date.

Moreover, current creative directors have changed the business to commercial cinema. Today, creating a good film costs millions of dollars. Why and what led to this? Research is the answer.

You can take this as a topic, since it is very broad. Many students choose more direct topics, and as a result, such a case provides you with a chance to be unique at your college.


Choosing a film-related topic is fun, mostly for the lovers of film. It offers you a good opportunity to enjoy your education life in college and to learn more about what you love. However, many students face serious challenges during dissertation-writing. It is fundamental to choose a good topic that you can relate well to. Considering a broad topic that hardly limits your research is also important. Please seek help if you face any challenges.

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