A Fight Breaks Out at California Popeyes Location
Nov 14 2019

A Fight Breaks Out at California Popeyes Location

By: Caroline Glattly

On Saturday night, a California woman waiting in line to get her hands on the wildly popular Popeyes chicken sandwich captured a video of two couples fighting at the Temecula fast-food location. The video, shared by Gigi Drummond, has since gone viral, garnering over a million views on Facebook.

"Decided to get a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich for my son - we got front row seats to 'Saturday Night Fights'" said Drummond about the fight. The altercation is part of a larger trend of Popeyes-related incidents-one of which left a Maryland man dead after a brutal stabbing. A representative for the fast-food chain told TMZ that these events don't mean the end for the popular chicken sandwich.

"We, along with the franchisee, are fully cooperating with local authorities and actively working to gather more information," Popeyes said in reference to the string of violence happening at Popeyes locations across the country.

If you're swept up in the hype surrounding the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, expect long lines, potential disputes and shortages of the sandwich in stores.

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