A cooler coffee - on draft

00:00 April 26, 2013
By: David Vicari
[Courtesy of Anne Berry]

Just in time for Jazz Fest, Twelve Mile Limit has put its coffee on draft.

Festival goers, weary after a day of dancing in the sun, will get their revival by way of this nitro-tapped coffee, which is shaken with cachaça (a Brazilian spirit distilled from sugar cane juice), simple syrup, amaretto and an egg white, then poured over ice.

Anderson Stockdale wrote the Almond Café Cooler, drawing on a deep knowledge of coffee she gained during several years lived in Seattle.

She thought of batching it in a Cornelius keg, after brewing it with a 60-second "hot bloom" (1/5 scalding water), followed by icy water. The method, Anderson says, "adds to the coffee's aromatic quality." She then lets it rest for 12 hours.

As with any good drink, it starts with quality beans - here, a Brazilian light roast that has a tobacco earthiness tarted with dried cherries. "All coffee is acidic, bitter and versatile," says Anderson. "You can use it in a cocktail the same way you would lemon juice or citrus."

In the Almond Café Cooler, coffee adds complexity to a frothed, creamy fizz, and hints of chocolate that, when paired with citrus, give the drink a chocolate-orange-ball tang. Anderson adds a shot of brandy-based almond liqueur that folds in notes of burnt sugar and toasted egg white.

On ice, it's an ideal way to close out a hot and dusty day.

Twelve Mile Limit, 500 S. Telemachus, 488.8114. Check out their new Sat-Sun brunch menu of frittatas, French toast and custom breakfast burritos; on Sunday nights, pop-up Pirate Pizza has the kitchen, hand-tossing thin-crust pies with a treasure chest's worth of premium toppings.

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