84 Lumber Trucks in a Tiny House

00:00 August 03, 2016
By: Emily Hingle

84 Lumber trucked their roving tiny home model to their warehouse in St. Rose this past weekend. The 154 square foot teeny tiny home was really impressive for it's tiny stature, and although I'm a person who can be considered a pack rat (borderline hoarder), I could see myself taking up residence here happily, at least for a while. 

Walking through this tiny home, there's table and chair to your right which is front of a storage area and closet. Traveling a few steps into the kitchen, you'll notice a good amount of counter space and cabinets along with a full size sink and small refrigerator, which can be covered to allow for more counter space, and a double electric stove top. One of my very favorite features of the home was the rustic sliding barn door that seperated the bathroom from the kitchen. The heavy, but smooth sliding door conceals a shower and a composting toilet. 

The funnest feature was the rustic sliding ladder that leads to you the vaulted ceiling and loft area which holds a full-sized bed and multiple windows to view your world out of. The special lighting and fan make this loft very homey, and you'll notice that there's some storage space above the doorway. This tiny home has many modern amenities like a fire alarm and USB outlets. 

This is merely one of the tiny homes that 84 Lumber has to offer, but this model is made to move, just in case you prefer something more homey than an RV. It was made to withstand the harshest of elements and even has a rodent-proof underside. You can learn more about these tiny homes here. It's your new tiny home away from home!


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