[Image Provided by Josh Smith]

8.16's Josh Smith Encourages Today's Rising Designers

20:55 January 22, 2018
By: Emil Flemmon

Josh Smith, owner and Creative Consultant for 8.16 has been a great help providing his fashion insight in our current climate the past few weeks. As his branding continues in a strategic fashion, along with the introduction of his Urban Tux collection, his creative mind frame teaches us to be daring in our fashion fortitude. Check out his words for the up-and-coming designers emerging from New Orleans:

Being creative today can imply freedom, expression, and individuality. Starting a creative business encompasses all those things, but it’s hard work. See, you have to work hard to sustain a business especially if you want longevity. That’s what I want at least. It is so tempting to just give in, hop on trends and follow what’s hot. The issue I have with that is it’s just not me. I’ve always wanted to stand out for being myself. I rejected the idea of fitting in.

So I live by two words “Stay True”. It’s even tattooed on my wrist so I’m always constantly reminded. I use this as the driving force of my fashion company 8.16. Whether it’s when I’m designing, doing image consulting, creative direction or when I’m creating a marketing plan I have to “Stay True”. I designed the Urban Tux because I believe it represented the #TailoredStreet (a hybrid of tailored menswear and street fashion) aesthetic my brand embodies. This is what works for my brand.

So, be specific about what works for you. Just to drop a couple of gems, if you’re choosing to make a name in the fashion industry you have to do just that. Make a name for yourself. Believe in your own vision, find your own niche. Develop your own craft and don’t be so persuaded by what others are doing.

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