7 Questions with the Pelicans Anthony Davis

00:00 January 26, 2014
By: 2Fik

What are your overall impressions of your second year in the NBA?

Anthony Davis: The game has slowed down a lot more and you know how the game is going to be played. Last year being the number one pick, everyone expected so much from me. It was tough. This year, I'm just trying to take advantage of the the things I learned from last year.

The team has been bitten by the injury bug this season. How do you remain optimistic that collectively you all can get healthy and get back to winning ways?

AD: Keep fighting and keep battling. We have to fight and play hard. Other guys have stepped up and that's what we need. They understand that they have to step up and make plays for us. We have to keep our heads up and know we will turn it around.

How convinced are you that the front office will put the right pieces around you to compete for a championship?

AD: They are doing a great job of bringing guys in who want to play for the team and not for each other. The new guys are still learning the system. We haven't had a full week of basketball with our whole team [because of injuries]. I'm pretty sure management and coaches will do a great job of bringing guys in who want to compete for a championship and do things necessary to win a championship.

What did the Olympic experience do for you?

AD:I didn't play much, it gave me a chance to learn what the greats do. LeBron, Kobe, Melo, KD and all those guys are professionals and they work very hard. Nothing comes easy for them. They have to find different ways to motivate themselves. It gave me a lot of confidence and a lot of motivation to go out there and compete. Those guys made sure they treated me the same as anyone else on that team and that was big time for me. Especially, not even having played an NBA game before. They taught me a lot and hopefully I get to play with them again.

What's Monty Williams like as a coach and what does he teach you about things off the court?

AD: He knows the game and he's not just a coach that teaches you basketball, he'll teach you about life as well. He does that with all of our guys. Instead of relating it to basketball all the time he relates things to life and how it can prepare is for life after basketball and life as grown men. He's seen it all. He now just passes that knowledge down to us and we have to take it all in. He gives us keys to life.

What do like to when you aren't playing basketball? Do have any interesting hobbies?

AD:Yeah, I like to stay in my bed. It's a long season. I like to get a lot of rest and make sure my body is feeling good. I play Xbox and the guys come over and we play cards or play pool. Most of the time I am just laying down resting, watching a movie or chilling with some of the guys on the team.

Tell us about the Jam Session event scheduled for the All-Star weekend.

AD: It's a great time for me to interact with the fans from New Orleans. I'm one of the hosts for the Jam Session. Hopefully it will be a great event and fans will come down to interact and have a little fun. I hope everyone can make it to enjoy the festivities.

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