504k: Supporting Youth Fitness in NOLA

06:00 January 31, 2016
By: Collin Caranna

Bringing fitness to the youth in a city known for its moon pies and beignets seems like a feat, right?  Not for Youth Run NOLA!  Founded by Alex Lebow, Youth Run Nola is an organization with a mission to simply get kids active through means of running.  Alex saw the need for New Orleans youth of all ages to get active outside of the classroom.  Tag on 504k Run and you have got yourself a community of fit youth that is only growing. 

Heading into its third year with the next race being Feb. 20, 2016, the 504k Run was inspired not only by the good cause it is serving, but also by the Marigny and the Bywater, a part of the city that is so rich in New Orleans culture and showcases the city's natural beauty.  Denali Lander, Youth Run NOLA's executive director said, “The 504K is a run for all New Orleans. It's a celebration of the hundreds of Youth Run NOLA kids making a commitment to their health. The race brings together kids, families – the running and non-running community – from across the city to experience the joys of crossing the finish line. Every pace is welcome! Everyone succeeds. The whole day is to celebrate health and the deserving kids of this city."

The driving forces behind the 504k Run are the people of New Orleans and this wonderful city we call home.  Personally, as a member of the New Orleans running community, I can first hand attest to the magnitude of goodness it has brought into my life.  With a run that benefits the youth, one can't help but be inspired.  The children have found their outlet through running and the city has become the ultimate playground.

It does not matter what fitness level you are – anyone can be a part of 504k Run.  Whether you want to participate, volunteer or come watch – gather your family and make a day of it! I can almost guarantee you will be smiling the entire time.

What?   504k Run

When?    Feb. 20, 2016 8:30 a.m.

Where?   Marigny to Bywater


About the Beneficiaries

Youth Run NOLAYouth Run NOLA serves 19 public school sites across the region, supporting over 250 middle and high school students at bi-weekly practices and monthly training events. The organization recognizes the long-term significance of empowerment, physical activity and mental resiliency in youth. Youth Run NOLA strives to teach the youth that runners are made, not born, and that running is a lifestyle, not just a sport. The inspiration for this race is derived from our collective belief in the power of running and its ability to transform and catalyze the entire New Orleans community.

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