5 Up and Coming Local Musicians

22:30 November 04, 2015
By: Paul Bentley

As a junior at Loyola University of New Orleans, a school known for its emphasis on musical studies along with the uncommon Music Industries major, I’ve heard many different bands, singers, rappers, producers, and instrumentalists come from all corners of America, with all different styles and tastes.  Among the many musical artists I’ve been exposed to locally, there are five who have been persistent with shows and releases, talent and creativity, and the ability to keep the eager college kids and young locals waiting to hear what’s next.  These four groups, and one solo producer, range diversely in genre, but they have all continually appealed to my peers and I since their debuts.  So, if you have an interest in the up-and-coming musicians of this city, make sure to check them out this fall and winter. 


5 Up and Coming Local Musicians

Froyo Ma

Zack Villere, better known by his stage name Froyo-Ma, has created a loyal and consistently expanding Internet fan-base, ranging from local to international listeners due to his unique and obscure style of beat-making. Given his distinct influences such as Erykah Badu, Tyler the Creator, John Coltrane, and Kanye West, it is hard to put a finger on the genre of Froyo-Ma’s music; however, it is obvious he has created a very experimental, original sound.  His music evokes a fusion of electronic music and hip-hip beats, creating a very soulful, ambient, and quirky tone that is pleasing to the listener’s ear even when lacking a rap verse.  He just recently released his debut E.P., Pants, which you can stream or buy at https://froyoma.bandcamp.com/releases or check out his memorable singles which gained him popularity at https://soundcloud.com/froyoma.


5 Up and Coming Local Musicians

Donovan Wolfington

Made up of five recent Loyola University of New Orleans graduates, Donovan Wolfington has been rising to national, and even international recognition in the past three years.  Starting in 2013, they have released an album each year consistently, with their most recent being How to Treat the Ones You Love, made public in August of 2015.  Their sound evokes a mix of three different stages of rock music in this generation, starting with influences of current and contemporary pop-punk bands such as Joyce Manor or Title fight, along with some subtle, nostalgic traits of early 2000’s punk bands like Blink 182, with a touch of 1990’s pop-rock and grunge sprinkled in.  Make sure to give Donovan Wolfington’s catchy punk tunes a listen at https://donovanwolfingtonmusic.bandcamp.com/album/how-to-treat-the-ones-you-love


5 Up and Coming Local Musicians


Mulherin, the pop duo created by twin brothers Parker and Marshall Mulherin has kept a loyal following among New Orleans locals, and were recently selected for the competitive Red Bull Music Academy.  Their Soundcloud account has been gaining more followers since they started releasing music in early 2013, and they have been booking multiple shows around New Orleans for the upcoming months.  Mulherin’s style is a fusion of pop and R&B, with catchy vocal melodies inspired by older groups such as the Beatles, but with the production and presentation of more contemporary artists including Drake and the Weeknd.  Make sure to check out this promising musical duo at https://soundcloud.com/mulherinmusic.


5 Up and Coming Local Musicians


Pope, another band made up of Loyola graduates, formed by Matt Seferian of Donovan Wolfington, has recently found a following in the indie scene not only in New Orleans, but also across the United States.  Earlier this year, they released their second album, Fiction, which consists of fast paced, hard-hitting rock songs that manifest influences to bands from the 1990’s indie rock movement, such as Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.  While retaining their noisy, grungy, and lo-fi tone, as many indie bands of today do, Pope manages to compile their sound into a catchy and very distinct format that will leave most listeners bobbing their heads unknowingly.  Songs such as “Let Down” or “Parties” will most likely linger in your head for few a days after listening.  Make sure to give Pope a listen at https://popeband.bandcamp.com/album/fiction.


5 Up and Coming Local Musicians

Elysian Feel

Elysian Feel, the five-man funk band from Loyola New Orleans has been increasing in popularity and recognition over the past two years.  Following the release of their new album, Tree and The Tower, they have been booking a consistent amount of shows over the upcoming months.  Their sound is quite fun, and fluently shifts from fast-paced dance-worthy funk, to slow, easygoing blues-rock.  A mix of classic influences can be heard, such as Jimi Hendrix, Sly and The Family Stone, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even possibly a hint of Black Sabbath (minus the distorted heavy metal aspect).  Make sure to check out Elysian Feel’s catchy, funky, and melodious tunes on Bandcamp.com. Stream their new album at https://elysianfeel.bandcamp.com/.

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