5 Songs of the Week

20:30 May 13, 2015

This week we're taking a trip back to the '90s. Here are a few hits you may remember, as well as some other obscure tracks you may have forgotten about.

1) New Order - Regret

A fun, upbeat-sounding song to rock out with the top down. Normally Olympic-class mopers, this was New Order's "Friday I'm in Love" moment.

2) Folk Implosion - Natural One

Nearly 20 years before giving us Spring Breakers, bizzaro auteur Harmony Korine brought us Kids. Kids is all 50 shades of f***ed up – definitely one of the '90s most disturbing mainstream indie flicks. Folk Implosion contributed several songs to the feature, including this one...naturally.

3) The New Radicals - You Get What You Give

U2's Bono once said that he wished he had written this song. If he wasn't out healing the sick and unendangering endangered species all the time – making the rest of us look bad – maybe he could have.

4) The Cardigans - My Favourite Game

I always loved the guitar hook in the chorus. I also wondered if the album it is from, Grand Turismo, was titled after the Playstation series of the same name.

5) Radiohead - Talk Show Host

My favorite Radiohead song. I was a big fan of soundtracks in high school (it's like a movie mixtape!), and discovered this number on the CD companion to Baz Luhrmann's then modern-day Shakespeare adaptation Rome + Juliet.

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