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2018 Hurricane Names Have Been Announced

13:58 January 03, 2018
By: Becca Miller

It’s already 2018, but there might be a list of names we could go without hearing this year. Although hurricane season doesn't begin until June, the National Hurricane Center has released the official names of Atlantic Hurricanes in 2018. The list this year features a name to remember for Louisiana, with the Issac still used in the list. None of these hurricanes have a history in Louisiana, fingers crossed it stays that way for 2018.

There are a total of 21 names on the list, that will rotate every six years. They will change the name of a hurricane if the damage is too severe. The list will be used again in 2023, but for now here’s what we know about the history of each name.

Alberto- has been named for six tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, his last appearance was in 2012 with no landfall.

Beryl- is another tropical cyclone whose name has been used for six other storms only making landfall in Jacksonville, Florida in 2012.

Chris- not the rapper from Shreveport, Hurricane Chris, but who’s tropical cyclone last landed in Bermuda in 2012.

Debby- has made an appearance six times over the last 36 years, her first sighting in 1986 where she reached a Category 4, but no significant damage.

Ernesto- keeps quite around the New Orleans area, with his last storm being in Mexico in 2012.

Florence- has the most used name out of the list, with a record of nine tropical cyclones named after her.

Gordon- he had to replace Gilbert on the list of names and has no made an appearance in Louisiana.

Helene- A major hurricane in 1958 and 2006, reaching winds of 158 mph in 1958 and 120 mph in 2006. Let's keep an eye on this one.

Isaac- is one of the more recent hurricanes to hit Louisiana in 2012, Isaac did create a lot of damage but the name has yet to be retired. Do you remember this storm?

Joyce- She doesn’t get mentioned much, a total of two tropical cyclones and both being weak. Let’s keep it that way, Joyce.

Kirk- he doesn’t get much attention either, his name has only been used twice worldwide.

Leslie- hasn’t done any damage to Louisiana but did cause minor damage in Bermuda and Newfoundland.

Michael- has made it all the way up to a category 3 hurricane, but has made only minor damages and likes to stay towards the East coast.

Nadine- is the fourth longest living Atlantic Hurricane on record staying away from any coastline.

Oscar- a minimal storm that never affected land.

Patty- she was downgraded to a tropical depression

Rafael- has yet to make landfall but his northwestern clouds touched Nova Scotia.

Sara- had to take the place of Sandy on the list, due to the damage that Sandy caused in 2012.

Tony- tropical storm in 2012, Tony only reached max wind of 45mph.

Valerie- has only made landfall during the Pacific Hurricane season.

William- super quiet, and let’s keep it that way.

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