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11 Things NOLA is #1 At

21:42 April 17, 2015
By: Erica Goldish

1.Bars Per Capita

-NOLA knows how to drink. I wonder what the stats are on AA meetings?

2. Liver Transplants

-You probably already knew this (and have laughed at the irony) from the signs in the Louis Armstrong Intl. Airport.

3. Single People

-New Orleans residents are single and ready to mingle. Around 55.7% of Louisiana residents are single!

4. Humidity

-I bet nobody is surprised about this one.

5. Business Conditions

-If you have a job in New Orleans, you probably have great benefits. Your facilities are also most likely very accommodating.

6. Making Movies

-They don't call us the "New LA" for nothin'.  Due to the generous tax breaks New Orleans is a hot spot for Hollywood. Fun fact: more movies are now made in Louisiana than in Hollywood.

7. Private Schools

-New Orleans holds the highest percentage of private schools in metro areas in the country. A new stat showed that over 25.1% of students living in New Orleans attend private schools.

8. Exports

-Seeing as New Orleans is a crucial port city this does not come as much of a surprise!

9. Sports Tourism

-The amazing spourts teams coupled with great food, dancing, and fun people makes NOLA the place to go in North America.

10. Being a "Brain Magnet"

-Although NOLA was experiencing brain drain previously, we are now the number one brain magnet city! According to Forbes, we attract the most people under 25 with college degrees.

11. Being a "Really Likeable" City

-New Orleans was ranked as America's Best City. The Crescent City was ranked so high because it attracts multiple types of people. From foodies, to sports lovers, to jazz music fanatics, NOLA has it all.




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