10 Weirdest Music Genres in New Orleans

17:08 February 20, 2015
By: Erica Goldish

After researching local New Orleans bands, I came across some weird music genres.  I had never heard of "Bywater Sorcery," or "Folk Punk Pizza Dog Tears," and wanted to learn more!  I decided to learn about a few new genres that ten local performers identified with. Below you will find the top ten that caught my attention.

1. Poseur Rock: Look, I won’t even try and act like I am a poser and know what that means.  Obviously, Aerial Attack, who cites this as there genre dujour, is familiar.


2. Folk Punk Pizza Dog Tears: I find it very fitting that the name of the band that listed themselves as this genre is named “Awk.Dog.” Also, has anyone ever actually seen dog tears? Below you can hear Rusty Joe, who is a member of Awk.Dog, and the closest thing to Folk Punk Pizza Dog Tears I could find.


3. Horror Surf: The Bills coined this genre, and I find it very fitting. When I think of surfer music my mind automatically goes to 311 and The Dirty Heads. The Bills combine the surfer music with a high-paced heavier sound.


4. Exotica Girl Group Oldies: Now I usually don’t think that the word “exotica” and “old” go together, however Danny, the "girl group," makes it work. Their music is a classy laid-back and mellow rock.

5. Dreamsickle Gingeraide: I drank the gingeraide. It was good.  Catchy tunes and mellow music coupled with soft vocals makes De Lune Delugea an easy band to chill out to.


6.Revolutionary booty beats: DJ Brice Nice isn’t nice at all when it comes to tearin’ up the club with his smooth beats.  Surprisingly, the genre name is literally the only way I can describe what you are about to listen to.

7. Doom: Haarp uses a pretty powerful word when describing his music genre. That being said, I can honestly say I felt doomed or at least frightened when listening to his music. Granted scream “doom” is not my music genre of choice, but the song below in particular reassured me that I am not a “screamo” girl.

8. Lounge Crunk: This Jean-Eric oxymoron was a peculiar music genre at first, however after listening to their music I completely get it.  The song below can be played anywhere; whether you’re jamming alone in the shower, at a house party, or attempting to dance while sitting down, or “lounging.”

9. Bywater Sorcery: The genre speaks for itself. Check out My GraveYard Jaw below.

10. Caveman: The Opposable Thumbs create a fast-paced darker rock sound.  Not quite sure how the caveman genre fits in with their music but their sound is good.

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