"HOPE FOR 2MORROW" Gala & Charitable Social

10:13 June 13, 2016
By: Emil Flemmon

Entrepreneur and celebrity entertainment promoter Larry Morrow is known for hosting some of New Orleans’ most vibrant parties. Wherever the venue may be, Morrow has accumulated a celebrity featured clientele including rapper Fabolous, media personalities Blac Chyna, and Tahiry (VH1’s Love and Hip Hop), Karreuche Tran, DJ Envy and Angela Yee (The Breakfast Club) and more.

Morrow, a solid staple within the urban community and nightlife scene, isn’t afraid to lend his name for the sake of an empowering cause. He teamed up this past Saturday (June 11) with the New Orleans-based program Blessed 26, and its founder Kendal Francis, to present the first annual “Hope for 2 Morrow” charitable gala.

The first year affair will now be a platform for a “maturing generation” to help teach and empower today’s youth with simple opportunities to learn through dialogue, knowledge with the hope of everyday appliance in the ever changeable world.

Blessed 26, based in the metropolitan area of New Orleans, have created an objective geared towards teaching today’s youth on how to transition into “…successful community members.” The outreach program’s catalyst includes three programs with basics that will never go out of style: Family Breakfast, Board Room and Suited for Success.

The program wants to ensure that when communicating to the current climate of young men and women, dialogue is evenly exchanged with a tonality that invites an understanding and listening. Its founder, Kendal Francis, and his like-minded constituents are driven to enable the youth not to fear trials, or changes but to embrace them head on with some level of confidence.

The charity’s fundraising efforts, by attendees, included a chance to win a brand new 2016 Chevy Impala, a weekend getaway at the Hyatt Regency Hotel with an opposing option for the AC Hotel New Orleans – Marriott. 

Rotating hosts included news anchors Tamica Lee (WWL), Charles Divins (WDSU), Jennifer Hale (Fox Sports) and journalist Corey Herbert.  Honorees such as Pro Safety Tyrann Mathieu, Bill Rouselle, Activist Brandon “BMike” Odums and Attorney Chip Forstall Jr. were all among the night’s honorees for the contributions in their respective fields.

When asked about the partnership between Morrow and Francis’ business marriage, Francis stated, “Actually, they picked me. He basically said that ‘I want to give back to my community, and I’m looking for an organization to help give back to with so many things happening in my city.’ And I got this call, and I was like…me? Really? Larry has been able to achieve success with what he does so for him to pour that down in the foundation was unexpected but was truly worth it.”

Morrow himself echoed similar sentiments after conveying as to why the event was of value to him. “When I met Kendall Francis, I just really liked his mission. I literally watched him take 20 young men to get suits, taught them how to tie their own ties and show them just some basics of being a man that will need. What he stands for just needed to be shown more, so the relationship [to me] was just really important.

Now while Morrow’s hands will be in many pots of entertainment in the city, his olive branches from other major media outlets, built relationships, a tight team, and his consistent quality as a host will have his business skills sharpened to the heights needed for a young entrepreneur.

Francis gave praise to the event’s success citing, “…this is just the beginning for us.” He plans to keep the continuity within the established programs and increasing the youth’s traffic needed for its sustainability.

The gala proved one thing to be true —When preparation meets opportunity, success has no limitations.

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