You Can Now Drink Hurricanes in Juice Box Form with BuzzBox

00:00 November 30, -0001
By: Brianna McManus

Juice-boxed cocktails are gifts of capitalism. BuzzBox, the country’s leading manufacturer in ready-to-drink cocktails, will release their new New Orleans-inspired Hurricane drink. The black box’s exterior—decorated in the city’s classic purple, green, and gold Mardi Gras colors, beads, and bedazzled mask—all foreshadow the party mixed up in the 200 ml container. BuzzBox prides itself on the all-natural ingredients used to create its GMO-Free, certified Kosher premium, gluten-free cocktail. Crafted out of 100-proof light and dark rum, fresh pomegranate-infused grenadine, lime and pineapple juice, and passion fruit, the cocktail replicates one of New Orleans’s favorite drinks, we just have to see it the taste matches up. At 14 percent ABV, by the time you start drinking the second one, it really will taste like juice! 

Businesses looking to stock up before Mardi Gras will have to wait for the projected ship date of October 15, 2018. Their September introductory production is a limited-run; all their pre-orders are filed as ordered, and subsequent orders are filled based on prioritizing order date and availability (in other words, first come, first serve). Cocktails can be shipped in single-flavor cases and can be ordered as six 4-packs with 24 single-flavor cocktails per case. 

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