Who’s Your Daddy?: Warbucks Opens on Magazine Street

08:57 November 14, 2018

Todd Pulsinelli is more than just a skilled and experienced chef who previously worked in the kitchen of the iconic restaurant August, he’s also a skateboard enthusiast who dabbles in rap music as a hobby and is a father of two. Chef Pulsinelli loves food and family, hot sauce and hip hop, skate parks and street art. All these eclectic elements come together in his newly opened Magazine Street restaurant, Warbucks—which is named after his rap-star alter ego.

The name is a somewhat facetious nod to the famous Daddy Warbucks, whom Pulsinelli half-seriously claims to resemble. “Because I’m bald and white,” he says. “But then, I’m not rich, so it’s kind of a joke.”

Who’s Your Daddy?: Warbucks Opens on Magazine Street

With a large bar, a lounge area, an open kitchen with kitchen-view seating, a substantial dining area, and an outdoor patio, the restaurant has a modern, trendy vibe with what Pulsinelli and his wife and Warbucks co-owner, Elizabeth, refer to as subtle nuances of skateboarding culture. Yet, even though there’s a giant mural painted on the wall based on a photo of Pulsinelli’s six-year-old son wearing gold chains, and skateboard decks that stand in as appetizer serving platters, Warbucks is much more hip than hip hop.

The restaurant opened this past weekend and has already managed to obtain packed status just about every night—with the draw doubtlessly being a combination of the original concept of the place, the inventive cocktails, and the amazing cuisine. The creative and unique menu includes ingeniously modified takes on classics, like a burger with red wine foie gras butter and Swiss, a hot dog with crab fat coleslaw, and an inventive rendition of a corndog with lime crema. The red beans and rice are creamy and delicious, and are stepped up a notch with the addition of smoked octopus. The Warhead cocktail tastes just like a frozen Sweet Tart. Made with a crushed praline cookie and brown butter ice cream, the ice cream sandwich for dessert is one of the best you’ll ever have. And move over, onions—Warbucks has fried shrimp rings with a fingerlime cocktail sauce.

Who’s Your Daddy?: Warbucks Opens on Magazine Street      Who’s Your Daddy?: Warbucks Opens on Magazine Street

Chef Pulsinelli plans to change the menu seasonally and update it constantly, in order to keep things fresh and exciting. “It’s fun for me, and keeps the cooks interested,” Pulsinelli says. “Gotta keep it moving, avoid monotony.” He adds that there are lots of fun things in store for his new restaurant, such as a Happy Hour starting next month.

And if there’s one thing the chef wants to tell everyone about Warbucks?

“Come and eat!” he says.

Warbucks is located at 3218 Magazine St. Open Sunday thru Thursday, 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. www.warbucksnola.com

Who’s Your Daddy?: Warbucks Opens on Magazine Street

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