Weird and Creative King Cakes

11:00 February 01, 2016
By: Ashlee Hill

The traditional sweet dish for Mardi Gras, king cake, has been around since the very beginning of Carnival in New Orleans. As time progressed, brave chefs have put different twists and spins on the dessert. And some have even branched out beyond your basic cake into new realms, like that of the "drinkable king cake". Here are four of the strangest, along with five of the most creative, king cake creations.

Weirdest King Cakes

1. King Cake Burger by Drunk Food Truck| 504-503-8579 | 1205 North Al Davis Rd. |

The Drunk Food Truck may have created something you only want to try when you're drunk or when you want to expand your taste buds. The king cake burger is made of a brisket patty, one slice of sharp cheddar cheese, and topped off with a brioche bun with white icing spread with the traditional purple, green and gold sprinkles.

2. "The Elvis" by Cochon Butcher | (504) 588-7675 | 930 Tchoupitoluas St. |

This king cake, similar to other Elvis creations, packs a variety of food into one dish leaving anyone who eats it full for hours. According to, the full-size "Elvis" is filled with peanut butter and banana, and covered with house-cured bacon topped with marshmallow. Each cake includes a baby piggy.

3. King Cake Syrup by Cocktail & Sons |

This product takes drink-mixing to a new level with a king cake cocktail mix. Preferred to be added to your special punch, the syrup includes cassia bark, pecan and lemon combined with Louisiana sugar cane. Cocktail & Sons also put a baby on the bottle so when you give it as a present, you friend or family member owes you the next bottle. You can only order this syrup on their website:

4. King Cake Soda by Abita |

If you ever wondered what king cake would taste like as a soda, Abita wants you to give their drink a shot. The soda is a natural soda with flavors of frosting, candied sugar, cinnamon dough, pure Louisiana cane sugar and artesian spring water, and it is caffeine-free. Check your local stores to see if they are selling Abita's King Cake Soda.

Now on to the less mind-opening king cake creations. These king cakes are popular in the New Orleans area and deemed the best by locals who know good king cake when they taste it.

Most Innovative King Cakes

1. King Cake Macaroons by Sucré| 504-520-8311 | 3025 Magazine St. |

Macaroons are the new beloved sweets that keep impressing tasters with new flavors. The king cake macaroon may be proven to be the best of all. According to Sucré's website, the macaroons were created by executive Chef Tariq Hanna and are filled with Sucré's New Orleans' king cake-inspired mousseline. The macaroons were also voted Best King Cake in New Orleans by the Washington Post.

2. King Cake Donut by District Donuts. Sliders. Brew. | (504) 570-6945 | 2209 Magazine St. |

Voted as one of USA Today's "2016 Best King Cakes," the king cake donut is officially a New Orleans favorite. According to USA Today, the king cake is topped with "gold satsuma frosting with satsuma sugar, green matcha frosting with matcha sugar and purple ube frosting with ube sugar. The king cake donuts often make an appearance with cinnamon-cardamom-laced cream cheese, topped with royal icing and spiked with orange zest."

3. Monkey Bread King Cake by Emeril's | (504) 528-9393 | 800 Tchoupitoulas St. | (Temporarily Closed due to COVID-19)

Anything from Emeril's is bound to have your mouth watering and your taste buds intrigued. The king cake monkey bread has a variety of flavors such as as bananas foster, pralines n' cream, café brulot, brandy milk punch, and chocolate strawberry.

4. Cheesecake King Cake by Copeland's Bistro | (504) 593-9955 | 2001 St Charles Ave. |

Copeland's king cake cheesecake is so simple yet innovative. If you love cheesecake and king cake this was made for you.

5. NOLA Restaurant's King Cake Bread Pudding | (504) 522-6652 | 534 St. Louis St. | (Temporarily Closed due to COVID-19)

King cake took a new form at NOLA's restaurant, from traditional cinnamon cake to homemade bread pudding. According to The King Cake Bread Pudding is now available at NOLA with house-made Creole cream cheese ice cream, strawberry compote and toasted pecans for $8 on their dessert menu.

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