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Warm Bodies

00:00 February 04, 2013
By: David Vicari

Warm Bodies

** ½

by David Vicari

He is one of the walking dead. She's a very human girl next door. Put them together and love blooms. That is the offbeat premise of the mildly amusing Warm Bodies, based on the novel by Isaac Marion and directed by Jonathan Levine (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, 50/50).

A zombie known simply as R (Nicholas Hoult) is smitten when he lays his eyes on human zombie killer Julie (Teresa Palmer). This new found love actually causes R's heart to start beating again, a phenomenon which is infectious to other fellow zombies.

The zombie logic here doesn't always make sense. Early on, there is a joke made about how slow moving they are, yet there is a flashback with running zombies. So, I though maybe it depended on the "freshness" of the zombie, but no, because the film's villains, the crispy, rotted, almost -skeletal zombies called Bonies are pretty spry.

Speaking of the Bonies, the digital rendering of these creatures is pretty bad. It looks like the filmmakers decided to use the first CGI test and left it at that.

Clearly, Warm Bodies is pretty ragged, but it doesn't take itself too seriously and it has a silly sweetness that is a welcome change of pace.

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