Voodoo Music + Arts Experience 2017 Predictions
Jun 02 2017

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience 2017 Predictions

By: Landon Murray

This coming Tuesday, June 6, the New Orleans Halloween weekend fest, known as the Voodoo Music Experience, will announce its 2017 music lineup. Since everyone is waiting to find out who they might want to catch, we thought it’s pertinent to spread the rumor mill a little bit more in terms of possible selections. Below, you’ll find a list of possible acts. This list was made with the usage of current tour dates, simple guesses, and also looking back to acts Voodoo has hosted in the post. Enjoy!


This legendary hip hop staple has been slowly trickling out shows, and while news of founding member Q-Tip needing surgery is causing some rescheduled shows, I could still see them gracing City Park for what would certainly be a joyous, bass-heavy set with positive vibes. They have a history of playing Voodoo, and though the last time was over 10 years ago, I still could see them showing up on the list on Tuesday.


This Austin pysch-rock stalwart might be a huge deal (yet), but if you’ve heard their new album Death Song, you are likely aware how much this group can rock in the muddy waters of their creation. They have no tour dates the weekend of the festival, so we may just get some Angels for your listening pleasure.


A few weeks ago, I saw this band aboslutely rip it up during an appeareance at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees festival. The rock-solid set went over well, and with their star rising considerably in the last year, I believe a return to the Crescent City may be in the cards for us.


These past few months, French electronic duo Justice has been bringing their incredible updated stage show to the masses. In the process, they’ve walked away after festivals such as Coachella being hailed as a huge breakthrough for the currently luke-warm world of EDM. They’ve played Voodoo two times in the past, and with no dates in the fall currently announced, I’d be very surprised if they aren’t on the lineup.


I know almost nothing about this EDM rising star except that he wears a mask with which he shares his stage name. Every year, Voodoo has tons of acts over at the molly-heavy Le Plur stage, and he’s been everywhere from Coachella to Bonnaroo to various other festivals. If it’s your thing, you’ll have a blast. Expect him on the lineup.


One of the sure things that nearly always happens when Reznor is in touring mode is that Nine Inch Nails ends up at Voodoo Fest. While this may not be the case this year, I’m willing to bet something is a-brewing. NIN has a few festival shows booked already near the time of the festival, and a few of them are other LiveNation organized events, so I’m putting this at 50-50. I wish I could say with more certainty, but we have to wait and see if Reznor and company will make the Voodoo attendees hurt with their heavy, strobe light-heavy stage set.


Recently at a New Orleans pop-up show, Pretty Lights himself—Derek Vincent Smith—announced that he would be back in town during the festival. Whether this means he’s performing or just hanging out remains to be seen, but it's highly plausible that he will be one of the big names gracing the Le Plur stage.


Depite being one of the best rock bands of the last 20 years, Queens hasn’t played the fest in over a decade. And with a new album confirmed for sometime in the next few months, I’d say there’s a decent chance of the Voodoo crowds being blown away for the aggressive, desert-filled vibes of Joshua Homme and company. Let’s hope so, for our sake.


The duo recently played in NOLA in March at Buku Fest and is an act that has steadily risen to the top of the hip hop heap over the last few years. They love playing here in town and they’ve never been at this festival, so it makes sense that they would end up on the bill. Two years ago, the band played Buku and came back a few months later for another show, so it’s happened before. Hopefully this time they’ll choose to be a part of our Voodoo Fest.

Keep an eye out Tuesday, June 6, for the official announcement, and hope for another great lineup with which to ravage ourselves during Halloween weekend. Thanks for reading!

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