Voodoo Festival on Saturday October 26, 2019

10:44 October 27, 2019
By: Gustavo Escanelle

VOODOO FESTIVAL: MUSIC + ARTS EXPERIENCE: Live performance with performers Paz, Pink Sweat$, Young The Giant, Denzel Curry, Japanese Breakfast,The National, SHALED, The Glitch Mob, ZHU, Royal Teeth and Beck on Saturday, October 26, 2019 at City Park, New Orleans, LA.

Ah, the rain is gone, and we've even got some sunshine falling down upon us. But the grounds were so soaked by the overnight storm that the staff scrambled to pump pooled water out of certain areas. There were certainly muddy areas that were still very wet, but the young ladies with the butt-baring club wear and white tennis shoes seemed to have the time of their lives running through all of it. This was more of a walk-around-and-get-the-feel-of-things day for me since the rain messed that up on opening day.

The House of Blues area was hopping. They've got a grill going making some delicious fare and their own bars. I walked in right as they were starting up a contest of sorts with a highly-coordinated opening dance number done by a gaggle of drag queens. It was so packed and hot in that tent for the show that I don't know how their makeup didn't just melt right off. I then walked on over to the nearby Vans shoes mosh pit picture activation. Interested parties were invited to dive into a pit of foam where their photo would be taken. The final effect looks like you're stage diving. The day got away from me so quickly that I wandered around catching bits and pieces of what I could while also trying to take in the artists and craftsmen selling their wares and the blacklight-heavy Modelo beer activation.

I haven't heard of Japanese Breakfast before the fest, but they were talked about so much that I thought I should give them a taste. Their music was rather soothing; it meshed well with the cold air that started falling over us as the sun set and the sky darkened. As a contrast, Denzel Curry rocked the stage, never stopping, always pacing. His entire life force went into the words he rapped, and seemingly most of the audience was singing every word with him.

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