Vacation Artfully at Pensacola's Foo Foo Fest This November

16:57 October 03, 2016
By: Lindsay Kornick

Vacation Artfully at Foo Foo Fest This November

Vacation artfully this year in Pensacola, Florida at the Foo Foo Art Festival. This fall, take a different kind of break to explore unordinary arts and cultural experiences in one of the most unique spots in the South. Foo Foo Fest runs from November 3 to November 14, so there’s plenty of time to catch some of the most eclectic entertainment.

Foo Foo Fest’s lineup includes many different art forms across different cultures. Events span genres such as dance, music, patriotic, sports, theater, visual arts, and artist talks. In keeping with the celebration of cultures, the festival even kicks off with a Day of the Dead celebration on November 3rd. For fans of Salvador Dali, soulful blues, or the U.S. Navy, this festival has something for everyone.

Not only does Foo Foo Fest promise a wide array of entertainment, the festival also travels all over the city to capture it. Art fans can begin early in the morning at Seville Square for the Great GulfCoast Arts Festival and move to the Belmont DeVilliers Neighborhood for the Back on the Blocks Festival Block Party. With the number of events, only the city itself is big enough to capture the celebration of art.

Though some events do require tickets, others are free to the public for anyone to see. For anyone interested in learning about the events, visit to find dates, times, locations and if a ticket is required. Whether you are a Pensacola native or just a lover of art, Foo Foo Fest is a cultural hot-spot for anyone to see.

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