True Food Opens In New Orleans

17:32 September 23, 2019
By: Emily Hingle

Dr. Andrew Weil has a mission to get people to eat better, but he's not going to sacrifice flavor in any way. In fact, the wide variety of dishes that his restaurant True Food Kitchen provides are so fresh and expertly crafted that you won't miss all that fat.

Dr. Weil stated, "Wherever we've opened these, they've been very popular. It's both because the food's so good and unusual and people feel good when they eat here. I think this will be well received by the people of New Orleans. We try to adapt dishes and make them taste really good, but they don't have to have as much fat, and they don't have to be as complicated. We're very successful because the food is simple, it's not fancied up. We let the qualities of the produce shine through."

The massive, airy restaurant has a completely open kitchen so that you can see everything that goes into the making of your food. There's nothing hidden here! I devoured the Edamame Dumplings and Thai Coconut Sea Bass with great enthusiasm, not only because of the amazing flavor, but because I didn't feel guilty about what I was putting into my body. There are some guilty pleasures when you get to the cocktail menu (you must try the Juniper Rose!), but these beverages are infused with lovely herbs and juices to make it a little bit better for you.

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