Oct 09 2012

Trouble with the Curve

By: Fritz Esker


In Trouble with the Curve, Clint Eastwood makes his first acting appearance in a film he wasn’t directing since 1993’s excellent In the Line of Fire. The result is pleasant but forgettable. Eastwood plays an aging scout for the Atlanta Braves. His eyesight is failing him and a new, cartoonishly evil executive (Matthew Lillard) emphasizes computers over in-person scouting. On a potentially job-saving scouting trip, his estranged attorney daughter (Amy Adams) accompanies him to serve as his eyes. Along the way, they cross paths with another scout (Justin Timberlake) who becomes Adams’ love interest. After a slow start, the movie establishes a nice rhythm in its middle third as it allows the chemistry and charisma of its three leads to carry the fairly thin story. But just when it seems like the movie will succeed as a modest crowd pleaser, it falls apart in its final act. While Hollywood is famous for happy endings, all of the film’s storylines are wrapped up way too neatly and conveniently at the end. A happy ending can still have a few rough edges and bit of an edge would have made a world of difference for Trouble with the Curve.

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