Traditional New Orleans Dishes Reincarnated

01:00 January 01, 1970
By: Kaitlyn Clement

New Orleans food has soul. We invented the muffaletta, mastered étouffee, and claimed king cake for ourselves. Honestly, who would have thought that sucking the heads of a bunch of seasoned mudbugs would be so delicious?

With so many specialty dishes, it’s no wonder that a few restaurants around town have made minor tweaks to classic Southern foods. Breathe new life into your palate and check out these traditional New Orleans dishes, reincarnated.


Alligator Cheesecake, Jacques-Imo’s

8324 Oak Street

Alligator is an easily accessible delicacy in Louisiana, and when baked into a cake, it’s as delicious as it is intriguing. The fluffy texture is consistent with cheesecake but with a savory kick. Think of it as the quiche of the swamp.


Gelato po-boy, Sucre

3205 Magazine Street 

The pastry chefs over at Sucre has blessed us the quintessential treat for the Southern sweet tooth. Behold, the gelato po-boy: three scoops of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry gelato cradled in a pâte à choux pastry shell. It comes fully dressed with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and strawberry sauce.


Red Beans & Rice Pizza, Mid City Pizza

4400 Banks Street

Named by PETA as this year’s best vegan pizza in the country, the red beans and rice pie is a matchless dish. Tomato sauce is substituted with a ladle of red beans and rice and topped with peppers, onions, and vegan cheese if you like.  And in true New Orleans tradition, it’s only available on Mondays.


Frenchuletta, Liuzza’s

3636 Bienville Street

The result of a steamy food affair between a muffaletta and a po-boy, the Frenchuletta is a tasty Creole-Italian love child. In Laymen’s terms, it’s a muffaletta on French bread.



Crawfish Beignets, Katie’s

3701 Iberville Street

 A hefty portion, the beignet overstuffed with crawfish, jalapenos, onions, and three cheeses topped with a jalapeno aioli drizzle. It’s an appetizer but big enough for a full meal (and then some!).


Boudin King Cake, Boudinlink 

2801 Johnston Street Lafayette

What’s sprinkled with bits of cracklin, drizzled with cane syrup, and stuffed with boudin? It’s the best new dish of the South. Boudin King Cake is the true king of Mardi Gras. Eater NOLA reported the cake going viral back in January, with over 10k likes on Facebook and hundreds of online orders.  Unfortunately you’re going to have to drive a couple hours to Lafayette to get your mouth around a slice.


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