Toups Meatery Introduces Brunch
Jan 31 2019

Toups Meatery Introduces Brunch

By: Emily Hingle

The imagination, creativity, and drive of Chef Isaac Toups and his staff cannot be contained. Recently, a brunch menu was added to the already-popular fare at Toups Meatery just because they were inspired to make new dishes to tantalize and fulfill their fans.

When I began my meal, I was amuse-bouche’d with the incredibly savory Some Pep For Your Step champagne cocktail made with bubbly, tequila, poblano pepper, lime and white pepper around the outside of the glass. I was also served one of the most talked about dishes on this new menu: The Louisiana Shrimp Fried Rice. The rice is cooked with crab fat, and the dish is rounded out with generous chunks of house-made ham and eggs. The head-on shrimp sit atop the bed of rice as opposed to being mixed within it. It was hands-down the most flavorful and well-cooked shrimp that I’ve ever had. Ordering this dish is a gift to yourself.

My next drink was entitled Gimme Dat. It’s also a champagne cocktail made with vodka, savory celery bitters, and lime. It paired superbly with the mini Boudin Benny that came next. The small boudin patty was covered in a seasoned poached egg dripping with hollandaise sauce and greens. The boudin wasn’t as rice-heavy as most boudin, but I find that Chef Isaac likes his meats to be pretty finely ground at times. The boudin was so well ground that it held up perfectly when sopping up the egg and sauce.

The entrees weren’t far behind. My friend’s New York Strip was doused with cheese curd aligot and gribiche, an egg sauce. The steak was perfectly cooked for the creamy sauces because it didn’t overpower their more delicate flavor.

My French Toast Sandwich was a sight to behold. This massive treat was several layers of crispy French toast with gooey brie and savory bacon mixed in between. The entire confection was slathered in cane syrup. It was sweet, salty, moist, and crunchy in every big bite, and it was one of the most decadent, rich things I’ve ever eaten.

The only drawback to brunch at Toups Meatery is that you probably won’t be able to eat anything for the rest of the day, if that bothers you.

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