[Photos Provided by Gustavo Escanelle and Kathy Bradshaw]

Top Taco Fest Offers Tacos, Tequila, and Fun

21:46 March 23, 2017
By: Gustavo Escanelle and Kathy Bradshaw

If there’s one thing better than tacos and beer, it would definitely be tacos and tequila. And that’s what was on offer at New Orleans’s first-ever Top Taco Fest Thursday night. With the price of admission, it was an all-you-could eat and all-you-could-drink event. Tacos and tequila cocktails (aka margaritas) of all sorts were being served up from bars and restaurants around the city as they rallied for awards in such categories as “Best Traditional Margarita” and “Most Creative Taco.” It was a great turn-out, and Spanish Plaza outside the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk was packed. More people were lined up than if the Coach outlet in the mall was offering a buy one, get three free special. Folks turned up to Top Taco New Orleans wearing sombreros, Day of the Dead masks, and as many varieties of taco-themed shirts and attire as there were tacos themselves. Places such as The Velvet Cactus, The Backyard, Nacho Mama’s, and Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant came out to show off their taco- and cocktail-making skills. Highlights included margaritas in flavors from strawberry basil to pomegranate mango to jalapeno, and tacos which ranged from Indian masala to alligator and okra to a chocolate, cream-filled dessert taco. And Performance Foodservice donated all the tortillas to the event, which was doubtless enough tortillas to line up end-to-end from here to Tijuana. Here’s hoping they bring this fest back again next year. Olé!   




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