The Superfood Bar Closes its Doors After Nine Years

September 24, 2019
By: Caroline Glattly

Coming October 1, Superfood Bar will be ending it's nine year run of serving delicious and fresh superfoods to the New Orleans community. Situated conveniently close to the intersection of Napoleon and Magazine, Superfood Bar provided a healthy and colorful option for shoppers craving a healthy option on a street where the familiar scent of fried fish and liquor wafts overhead. From the simplicity of the menu to the kindness of it's staff, Superfood Bar is a vegan oasis amidst the desert of po-boy shops, bars and decadent bistros. And with a menu that satisfies every type of craving from sweet to savory, Superfood Bar appeals to even the pickiest of eaters.

With a mission to, "make healthy eating accessible to everyone,'' Superfood Bar employs an ethical and sustainable "whole food approach" toward their business model and only uses 100% fresh plant ingredients. That means no preservatives, added sugar or ready-made nut milks. This means that while preparing the ingredients is a little more laborious, customers are getting the quality that makes Superfood Bar stand out from other raw/vegan restaurants.

Though the original New Orleans location of Superfood Bar may be closing its doors, the Denver location will carry on the whole food approach. When asked about the store closing, owner Joseph Stone, "considers it all a success in the end" and said this about the New Orleans community; "I'm eternally grateful to New Orleans for making it possible to bring this type of food to the city".

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