[Image Courtesy of Telluride Film Fest / Facebook ]

The Show Must Go On: Telluride Film Festival 2020 to Take Place

10:08 June 08, 2020
By: Caroline Hebert

Movie-goers are excited yet hesitant to enjoy the Telluride Film this year.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Telluride Film Festival is still happening but is being moved to Thursday, September 3, instead of Friday, for better safety precautions. An extra day of the festival will allow for more screenings to be held and with less people in each, in order to maintain social distancing protocols.

The organizers said in a statement, "We are not ignorant of the devastation facing the world. We feel the fear and distress, too. This is why we are committed to observing all guidance as suggested by the consensus of voices of the scientific community with whom we are consulting now. This will not be a business-as-usual event. Things will look and feel very different."

Telluride is a major film festival that assists in building momentum for the awards season. Even though the festival is happening, however, does not mean that attendance is guaranteed. Netflix announced that they will not be at the festival, and the Academy has new rules stating that even if films are forced to cancel their release, they can still qualify for Best Picture.

"For those of you who opt to not join us, we absolutely understand and support this decision," Telluride organizers said. "Your reasons surely involve heightened personal health concerns, and you must do what is the very best for you. We trust and hope that you'll be back with us the next time we can provide optimal conditions for the show. May that be soon."

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