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The Overlook Film Festival Will Come Back to New Orleans in Summer 2022

12:00 April 04, 2022
By: Jariah Johnson

The Overlook Film Festival, New Orleans' biggest horror film festival, is making its mark again this summer 2022 in New Orleans. Michael Lerman, a co-founder of the Overlook Film Festival, loves all things horror and film. He believes horror is an "evolving genre that can be used to tell all kinds of stories." He notes that horror can give one of the purest moviegoing experiences. He further explains how horror "makes you feel something which at its core, is the basis of cinematic communication." This 4-day celebration was created for horror to be more than cheap thrills. From the founders' passion and love for horror, the Overlook Film Festival was born for interactive events and genre storytelling.

The Overlook Film Festival was initially hosted at The Timberline Lodge, the eerie building of the haunted Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrick's classic horror film, The Shining. Both founders quickly realized that as the festival grew, they would have to find a more prominent location for their 4-day celebration of all things horror. So now, the 2022 Overlook Film Festival is headquartered at the Prytania Theaters at Canal Place in Downtown New Orleans from June 2 through June 5.

New Orleans is America's most haunted city, always capturing the imagination of horror fans and filmmakers like no other city. Michael and co-founder Landon Zakheim are both excited to bring the Overlook festival back to New Orleans in 2022. The Overlook's fun content will be reimagined in 2022 with COVID-19 regulations. The festival serves as a "summer camp for horror fans." The festival's signature immersive game experience also will make its return, designed by NOLA's best room experience creator, Escape My Room.

New Orleans is host to a thriving film industry, and The Overlook Film Festival only strengthens the city's unique history and film culture. Michael Lerman encourages industry hopefuls as he says to "get involved and look into internships and volunteering. People always need hands, and anything you can do to support them will always be noted and can be a good way to get your foot in the door."

As another piece of the cultured city finally comes back after being shut down in 2021, the return of the Overlook Film Festival is exhilarating. With New Orleans being famous for its folklore, practitioners of the mystical arts, haunted mansions, and restless spirits, The Overlook Film Festival is perfectly fitted to be in New Orleans.

Furthermore, as the city of New Orleans continues to recover from Hurricane Ida in August 2021, this year's festival is dedicated to giving back to the city. The festival is donating a portion of the festival pass and ticket sales to the Hurricane Ida Relief and Recovery Fund, a project from the Mutual Aid Response Network project led by Imagine Water Works.

The festival passes are now on sale. To get passes and find out more information on the Overlook Film Festival, visit Overlook Film Festival.

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