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'Made To Measure' By 'Lavoisier'

23:58 January 20, 2017
By: Emil Flemmon

This is too boxy in the middle, here.” ~ Cortez Jackson

Gentleman, this is what can be said to you when you’re not informed. This past weekend (Jan. 14), we had the honor to surround ourselves with a must need for men — how to wear a suit, not let it wear you.

Cortez Jackson, CEO and owner of the luxury company Lavoisier, hosted family, close friends and media to introduce his superior brand of garments.

The young entrepreneur was not only well dressed for his speaking duties, but was articulate and prepared as he displayed knowledge about carrying on the man who inspired him, his late uncle.

Jackson’s nod to his uncle resulted in the creation of very visual business to help men become more “suit literate” and women for their needs. He’s presentation was an informative guide on the anatomy of a suit and how to debunk the myths that many men hold true as to how they dress.

From the thread count, to noticeable differences in buying store bought suits from leading brands such as Express, J. Crew, there was nothing Jackson left out while spreading knowledge to the attendees.

Jackson’s open dialogue included a demonstration as to how to have a better cut in the mid-section of one’s blazer. He also communicated that his business can assess for all body types whether tall, short, a bit rounder, muscular, no stones were left unturned.

Here’s why patronage should be given to Lavoisier’s brand:

  • His customs suits includes a consultation, measurements, fabric selections and customizations all aimed to provide the best garment needed
  • The clientele not only caters to the elite, but it attracts even the average consumer to desire making an investment for an actual clothing necessity
  • Orders can arrive within 4-5 weeks following the appointment and though returns and exchanges aren’t optional, due to the customization, local tailoring for any adjustments will be assisted by Jackson
  • Customer service level is incredibly proficient, detailed, personal and well, customized

Overall, for the man who only wears sneaks to go the gym, Cortez’s polished image matches the quality of the Lavoisier brand and what it represents. 

For any inquiries, contact Jackson at [email protected], or 504.475.6001. His website can be found at Lavoisiersuits.com.

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