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Steak a Place for Dad...

00:00 May 25, 2014
By: Kim Ranjbar
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Fathers are, quite often, incredible people. They work long hours to put a roof over your head, food on the table and an Xbox hooked up to a high-definition, flat-screened, 65-inch TV. Dads teach you how to ride a bicycle, bait a fish hook, fight a bully and put oil in your car. So on Father's Day, or any other day for that matter, it's more than appropriate to reward him for all his hard work, his tolerance and patience, with a nice juicy steak....don't you think?

Only, not to demean dad's worth or anything, but steak can be awfully expensive. At any local steakhouse it's likely you'll spend in excess of $40 or $50 just for one! Since no one wants to sit and sate oneself on free bread and ice water while Dad chows down, here are some more affordable options where father and son (or daughter) can indulge their carnivorous nature together.

Located in Jefferson on River Road is the ever-popular Rivershack Tavern. What began as a roadside bar in the early 1900's continues to be a roadside bar today. You can't miss this "shack" emblazoned with hand-painted advertisements from the 1940's and (when it's open) surrounded by parked cars. Chef Mike Baskind features well-crafted specials like Shrimp in a fennel-leek broth or Pan-Seared Tuna Steak atop a saffron risotto gallette, but most of the grub at the Tavern are what you'd expect. Their Shack-A-Tizers feature fries, onion rings and buffalo oysters, and they have delicious po-boys and "boigers" too, but every Thursday night is steak night. Get a grilled, 8 ounce Bourbon-Whiskey steak with both fries and a side salad OR a cup of Country Gator Sausage & Chicken Gumbo for only $10.75! Plus, you can stick around for some live music from local artists like Gal Holiday or Refried Confuzion.

Treat dad to dinner al fresco at Cafe Freret on the corner of Freret and Lowerline. This gas station-turned-restaurant is a select hang out for college students, but don't let that stop you from enjoying a warm evening under the stars and filet mignon. Every Wednesday night Cafe Freret offers an 8-oz filet mignon with two sides like hand-made onion rings, French fries, sweet potato fries or even a side salad for only $13.99! The cafe is also known for their delectable brunches (try the Crabby Benedict) and well-made Muffalettas that are bigger than your head. Plus, Cafe Freret is a dog-friendly restaurant, which are few and far-between, so feel free to bring your best four-legged friend (and his dad, too!).

Head on over to Mid-City to get a taste at Katie's Restaurant & Bar on Iberville Street. Although this beloved neighborhood restaurant does serve filets and rib eyes that are well out of our price range, I'm sure dad won't mind if you score him a 10-oz. Hamburger Steak made from fresh ground chuck, bell peppers and smothered in grilled onions and brown gravy for only $13.95. It's served with your choice of side and let me tell you, your dad will regret it if he doesn't choose their most excellent potato salad.

Crescent City Steaks located on North Broad St. has been a meaty staple for almost 100 years. They truly put their efforts into their steak selections which are rib eye, filet (wrapped in bacon), porterhouse for two or three, strip sirloin, and t-bone, cooked to your specification. There is a wide-variety of potatos and vegetables to along with your beef and a few delicious desserts to help celebrate the holiday.

I bet dad will pat you on the back, praise you for your phenomenal frugality and for finding the best steak deals in town.

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