Stay-at-Home Fest Promises to Go Viral: Catch it Soon!

17:13 April 23, 2020
By: Graham Andreae

From tonight until mid-May, fans of music the world over will be able to see some of their favorite artists come through their homes. Famed artists like Harry Covid Junior will bring infectiously smooth tunes to the festival.

According to a Reddit post, the lead of the Wu-Han Clan stated, "We don't quite know what we've got, but we've got something, and we're looking to share it with the world. Isn't that what we're all here for?"

Parking in the field outside has been spaced closely to the venues and will feature sneeze stations at regular intervals. VIP tents will house public restrooms with exchange and conversation encouraged. Mingle with as many people as you would like, while trying to catch a strain of what's trending.

The lead singer of the Dirty Hands Brass Band said, "We are looking forward to spreading the brass fever as far as it will go. We might even eclipse Bieber fever. Anything's possible in this day and age."

Festival-goers will be sure to find their taste in music here, but to top it all off, there will be a number of special guests. The bands should bring a crowd, to be sure, so make sure to forget your hand wipes like you'll forget these bands and spread the word—and keep spreading it—about this lively festival, set to launch this month.

Tickets are only available at will call and can only be bought with all party members present. That being said, who needs the stench of technology when you can have a nice, natural human interaction? Either way, the event will be running for the next few weeks for the forgetful music fan.

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