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Spoon's Jim Eno Shares His Hot Thoughts

11:28 April 21, 2017
By: Finn Turnbull

Spoon's Jim Eno Shares His Hot Thoughts
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Since coming together in 1993, Austin indie rockers, Spoon, have been capturing the hearts of many with their eclectic and charming style. Founding members Britt Daniel and Jim Eno formed the band after meeting in another band, The Alien Beats. Now, they've released nine hugely successful albums with Spoon, every record topping the last, and haven't shown a sign of slowing down. Their new record, Hot Thoughts, was just released on March 17th and exhibits a new side of Spoon's songwriting. The record is an excursion into a dark and modern, synth-driven territory of music, hitherto unchartered by the band, that also utilizes a slew of unconventional instruments. It is a perfect achievement, to say the least. Songs like "Do I Have To Talk You Into It" prove absolutely infectious to the ears, ensuring that Hot Thoughts is the only new record that fans will be able to think about. Spoon is preparing for a long tour this year to promote the new album, making two stops in Louisiana. Their first stop is next week, April 29th, at the Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge. Later this year, October 17th, they'll make their way to the House of Blues in New Orleans. Before the insanity of touring begins, I had a chance to speak with drummer Jim Eno about Hot Thoughts and other thoughts:

What was your first interest, playing music or computers/electronics?

"Definitely music. I was really into the drums when I was younger, but my parents would never let me buy a drum set. I had to go to college and figure out what I wanted to do, so I decided to do electrical engineering. But, when I moved to Austin I started playing the drums more and just somehow made the transition from working-day-job guy to touring musician, which was pretty amazing."

Do you help engineer every Spoon release?

"Yeah, we all sorta pitch in and everything. The last couple records, we were working with producer Dave Fridmann. So, we go up to upstate New York, we'll work with him for a week or two, and then we'll come back to Austin and we'll work alone for a week or two. And Britt, he lives in LA, maybe he'll go home and work on stuff himself. So, Dave Fridmann is engineering, I'm engineering, Britt's engineering, you know; we have a lot going on. It's just however we can be creative."

How would you describe the new album, Hot Thoughts, to a Spoon fan who hadn't heard it yet?

"I would say that it's an action-packed, futuristic record. I feel like the way we looked at it, we wanted to do something that felt like it was music from the future, at least how we imagined that would sound."

What's it like to hear one of your songs being used in a movie or TV show? Do you guys try to watch it when you know it's happening?

"Yeah, a lot of the times we do. It's pretty cool. I feel like the best moment for me hearing one of our songs like that was when Britt did the Stranger Than Fiction soundtrack, and there was a point where a song of ours called "My Mathematical Mind" was playing, and it was just the instrumental, but it was during the climax of the movie. I just felt that that placement and the way they made that work was pretty awesome. It was pretty cool to see in the theater."

Do you guys enjoy playing in Louisiana?

"Yeah we love playing there. We've played in New Orleans a lot and we're looking forward to playing in Baton Rouge, as well."

How do you all mentally prepare for a show? Any rituals?

"It usually involves alcohol, so we sorta try to pace ourselves, you know. Like, hit that perfect window when to do the last shot before you go on stage. [Laughs] It's about timing."

What's next? Anything apart from touring in the works?

"Well, we've been traveling an insane amount. We've been traveling since January promoting [Hot Thoughts], but we haven't even really done a proper tour yet. So, that's what we're going to be doing for the rest of the year. [Laughs] It's a little overwhelming. I'm in Mexico City right now, so we're doing three shows here, then we're going to do production rehearsal for five days in Austin. That's where we're gonna work up a lot of our light show and the new songs and also production and things like that."

Spoon plays at the Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge on Saturday, April 29th. They follow with a date at the House of Blues in New Orleans on Tuesday, October 17th.

Spoon's Jim Eno Shares His Hot Thoughts

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