Some of the Best Ways for College Students to Procrastinate Studying

06:00 February 26, 2019
By: Diarra English

College weekends can easily become a cycle of waking up at noon and strolling to the dining hall before returning back to your room to binge-watch a new series on Netflix until it’s time to go out later that day or night. And going out in New Orleans means everything from unique breakfast and brunch spots to scenic hangouts and live music venues.

Start your weekend off right by taking a break from the dining hall and grabbing a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants or cafés. Satsuma Café and Refuel consistently deliver fresh and innovative breakfast options to your plate. The long lines out the door each weekend are a testament to the favor of both these restaurants among the neighborhood locals. If you’re in the mood for a creative twist on a breakfast staple, Waffles on Maple has more combinations than you can imagine, and they’re all kosher (and most are available gluten-free). For the early risers, head to Humble Bagel, but be prepared to stand in line for one of their freshly kettle-boiled bagels. This bagel café proudly runs out of their bagels well before their closing time of 1 p.m. most days, so get there early. Breads on Oak has something for everyone with its wide array of organic, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly options. They serve breakfast, lunch, and café pastries that satisfy every taste. For classic American diner fare at prices everyone loves, check out Ted’s Frostop Diner behind Tulane’s Yulman Stadium. Their $5.95 all-you-can-eat pancakes can’t be beat.

After you’ve filled up with a hearty breakfast, you can spend your day relaxing at one of the many college-friendly hangouts in the city. If you’re into art, try taking a tour of Studio BE in the Bywater, an interactive art exhibit in an old warehouse with larger-than-life spray-paint prints.

For those of you looking for a good place to unwind after a long week of classes, grab a blanket, some snacks, and a few friends before heading to The Fly or Crescent Park, which are the two best spots to watch the sunset with friends. If you’re looking to shop, Magazine Street never disappoints, with its seemingly endless stretch of boutiques and flea markets. Make sure to spend some time in Buffalo Exchange to find vintage clothes at fair prices. To kick off the night’s festivities, try Bruno’s Tavern, Bacchanal Wine, or Port Orleans Brewing Co. Each offers a diverse and unique selection of wine, beer, and spirits to suit anyone’s taste. After Happy Hour, fill up on some good eats before you head out for the night at Good Bird, Max Well, Dat Dog, or Liberty Cheesesteaks.

If you’ve been a student at Loyola or Tulane for more than one week, you’ve probably already been to The Boot and know how its diverse music playlist and late-night eats never disappoint. Before you head into The Boot, take a look inside Mushroom next door. They’ve got everything from vintage records to movies and everything you could need for your vape. If you’re looking for more concerts and live music, try checking out Tipitina’s, the House of Blues, and The Willow—you might even catch a Loyola or Tulane student band. For those of you interested in more local artists, spend the night on Frenchmen Street just outside the Quarter. Every bar has its own vibe. By the end of the night, you’re gonna be hungry, and City Donuts & Café will be there to feed you. The 24-hour café serves everything from donuts and coffee to catfish plates, guaranteed to satisfy any late-night craving you may have.

When the “Sunday scaries” hit the next morning, opt for a change of scenery in your study space and grab a coffee and a table at Mojo Coffee House on Freret or Magazine Street for a cozy Sunday afternoon. Their coffee and pastries will keep you powered through every assignment you’ve procrastinated doing. If your whole friend group wants to join, try Rue De La Course on S. Carrollton Avenue. The former bank building affords you plenty of space for you and your friends to spread your textbooks out and study.

Venues and locations:

Satsuma Café—7901 Maple St., 504-309-5557,

Refuel—8124 Hampson St., 504-872-0187,

Waffles on Maple—7712 Maple St., 504-304-2662,

Humble Bagel—4716 Freret St., 504-355-3535,

Breads on Oak—8640 Oak St., 504-324-8271,

Ted’s Frostop—3100 Calhoun St., 504-861-3615,

The Fly—6500 Magazine St., 504-658-3000,

Crescent Park—2300 N. Peters St., 504-636-6400,

Magazine Street—504-342-4435,

Buffalo Exchange—4119 Magazine St., 504-891-7443,

Bruno’s Tavern—7538 Maple St., 504-861-7615,

Bacchanal Wine—600 Poland Ave., 504-948-9111,

Port Orleans Brewing Co.—4124 Tchoupitoulas St., 504-266-2332,

Good Bird—5031 Freret Street, 504-516-2307,

Max Well—6101 Magazine St., 504-301-0501,

Dat Dog—5030 Freret St., 504-899-6883,

Liberty Cheesesteaks—5039 Freret St., 504-875-4447,

The Boot—1039 Broadway St., 504-866-9008,

Mushroom—1037 Broadway St., 504-866-6065,

Tipitina’s—501 Napoleon Ave., 504-895-8477,

House of Blues—225 Decatur St., 504-310-4999,

The Willow—8200 Willow St., 504-656-6563,

Frenchmen Street—800-672-6124,

City Donuts & Café—504-372-5811, 3301 S. Claiborne Ave.

Mojo Coffee House—4700 Freret St., 504-875-2243,

Rue De La Course—1140 S. Carrollton Ave., 504-861-4343,

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