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Safety Supply Kits Are Being Donated to Southeast Louisiana Hospitality Businesses

15:00 March 04, 2022
By: Frances Deese

It's about to be a busy time of year for southeast Louisiana ahead of the Men's NCAA Final Four and all of the upcoming, retuning festivals. While this is an exciting time for local businesses, tourists, and locals alike, it also brings additional safety risks to hospitality workers and their guests. Fill the Needs, the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, and Republic National Distributing Company have partnered together to distribute safety supply kits to hospitality businesses across southeast Louisiana in advance of this busy season.

"The hospitality industry always answers the call to help when asked, whether it is in response to disasters, emergencies, hurricanes, or non-profit requests," Amy Sins, founder of Fill the Needs, said. "This community outreach was one simple way we could give back to them to help them stay safe and keep their customers safe."

While case numbers across the country are going down, COVID-19 and the most recent Omicron variant are still a threat. Fill the Needs, along with their network partners, secured, routed, housed, and distributed 18-wheelers filled with donated safety supplies including disposable gloves, bleach wipes, hand sanitizer, and industrial cleaning supplies.

One 18-wheeler of these donated supplies valued at $185,000 have been packaged into the Safety Kits and are being distributed across the region by employees at Republic National Distributing Company. "We were excited to be the distribution partner for the safety supply kit outreach program," said Dolph Parro, executive vice president of Republic National Distributing Company. "We believe in working together to keep as many people as safe as possible while our industry gets back to hosting the events we all love so much."

After being hit hard by Hurricane Ida early this fall, the restaurant industry in southeast Louisiana is still recovering. This partnership between Fill the Needs, the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, and Republic National Distributing Company helps ensure that staff and guests can feel safer while dining in. Jennifer Kelley, executive director of the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, said, "These free supplies will come at a key time to help hospitality businesses during what is expected to be a very busy spring across southeast Louisiana."

The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation was founded in 2006 and has distributed over $4.8 million since its inception in support of its mission, and you can learn more about them at Fill the Needs was founded in 2008 and supports ongoing disaster relief efforts by providing funding, supplies, and support where they are lacking, and you can find out more about the organization at As a top beverage alcohol distributor in the nation, The Republic National Distributing Company's national reach helps suppliers by building strategic relationships with on- and off-premise customers to elevate their brands and reach their target consumers. To learn more, visit

If someone is interested in receiving supplies, or wants to inquire about bulk orders by the pallet, email (while supplies last).

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