Ren Fest Planner

16:30 November 06, 2015
By: Emily Hingle

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is a feast for all senses. Once you pass through the stony entrance to the Village of Albright, you are immersed in a 16th-century village ruled by the lovely Queen Elizabeth I. Every weekend of the festival has a different theme, beginning with Mask Weekend on November 7 and 8 and continuing with Heros and Pirates (Nov 14 and 15; those with military IDs or VA cards, first responders, and Boy and Girl Scouts in uniform receive half off admission), Celtic Weekend (Nov 21 and 22; officially sanctioned bagpipe and Celtic drum competitions), Time Travelers (Nov 27 to 29), Romance Weekend (Dec 5 and 6; first 200 couples in matching costumes receive a rose) and the big Fireworks Finale Weekend (Dec 12 and 13; a large fireworks display will light up the dark country night sky at 6 pm). Be advised that the schedule below follows the programming for the first few weekends, and there will be some new entertainment in the later weekends, like the amazing, not-to-be-missed Tortuga Twins show. I always go on the last day because the prices are cheaper and the shows are bawdier. You can see all of the happenings on Here is your 2015 Ren Fest Planner!

10 am – Arrive. You’re going to want to have a full day there.

Ren Fest Planner

10:30 amPurchase provisions. Start out with coffee and scones at the Albright Cafe, or craft beer at King’s Head Tavern and a turkey leg.

11 am – Birds of Prey show (Joust Arena). Hawks and other predatory birds will swoop right over your head to display their prowess.

11:30 am – Washing Well Wenches show (Joust Arena). These hilarious ladies are just looking for a few good men, and they may be pulled right into this interactive, somewhat soaking show.

Ren Fest Planner

12:15 pm – The Joust (Joust Arena). This show is not just about violence. It’s quite comedic, too. You’ll get into it and root for your knight; guaranteed.

12:45 pm – The Bilge Pumps (King’s Stage). My personal favorite band of miscreants are gracing us with their presence for the first few weekends. I highly suggest checking them out, and singing along.

1:30 pm – The Dungeon Museum. Creep into a medieval dungeon and gaze upon horrific acts of torture taking place on some of the most brutal pain devices ever created. Just be careful not to fall prey to them yourself!

Ren Fest Planner

2 pm – Queen’s Blade Tournament (Queen’s Pavillion). Yay for violence! Watch as brave knights battle for the Queen’s honor in this sword skills competition.

2:30 pm – Shopping (Fest-wide). Remember to take some time to peruse the plethora of vendors selling items like jewelry, leather goods, goblets, kilts, wands and so much more. I recommend seeking out Digger for your custom weapons and leather armor. Get your lady properly tied up in a Casta Diva corset. You never know what you’ll come across.

3 pm – Whisky Tasting. Those who dole out extra Coins of the Realm ($40, to be exact) will be given multiple samples of whiskey from around the globe by the all-knowing whiskey maiden Bonnie MacKinley while being educated about their production. Don’t be surprised when roving entertainers drop by to sing you a dirty ditty or hurl some insults your way. They also have beer (1 pm Sundays), wine (2 pm Saturdays) and tea tastings (noon Sundays) that are all highly recommended.

4 pmDrunken Roving. You’ll be feeling really good after that whiskey tasting and may need to sober up for a long drive home. Grab another turkey leg or some other fried goodness while wandering around the village. And take some time to appreciate the beautiful forest scenery and lake with your friends as you sit on a grassy area or take the ferry across the lake. Take a stroll around the vendors again, have a massage or take in another show like The Duelists on the King’s Stage.

5 pm – Closing time. The Festival closes with a big bang. Five cannon blasts signal the end of the fest.

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