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00:00 April 27, 2014
By: David Vicari
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[Courtesy of Rejected.Youth.Nation]

On a warm evening on an Uptown back patio, RYN (Rejected.Youth.Nation) vocalists Phil Burras and Omari Neville chatted with me about "Game of Thrones," "Nip/Tuck," "Breaking Bad," and "GIRLS" over some iced tea and hot chocolate. When Gregg Molinario (bass) showed up, the conversation took a turn towards COD (Call of Duty) and when Austin Clements (bass) arrived (Austin's twin Tyler (percussion) was unable to participate) we got down to music. A band looking to both disrupt and bridge the New Orleans music scene, RYN uses a heavy hitting bass that is very much rock n' roll, a melodic fusion of vocal stylings, and high energy to reach their audiences; three members of this band are the sons of long-standing musicians Cyril Neville and Cranston Clements. After all the pleasantries, I was excited to talk to the guys about RYN, New Orleans music, and their latest SXSW gig. The band also mentioned they will be shooting videos for all their songs.

Where Y'at: How did you guys come together?

Omari Neville:I was with Phil Burras and I was just starting to get into singing, because I was singing background in my dad's band. We ran into Tyler and Austin's mom at a festival. And she was like "My sons have gotta play with you."

WYAT: What was it like writing music together for the first time?

Gregg Molinario:[For] "World Order," we were just messing around. We didn't really force anything and before we knew it, quickly, quicker then we even realized we had a song that just kind of formed.

Neville:My dad explained it, because he was talking about it on the phone and I overheard it, he was just like, by them playing so much together and developing it's just lock...That's the best part; the chemistry.

WYAT: Your sound is a little different than what has typically come out of New Orleans would you agree with that?

Austin Clements:We did a show and someone had done a write-up and they called it "Afro Punk Metal Funk." I like that. I like that someone is going to have a hard time putting just one word to describe it. New Orleans is our hometown, but what made New Orleans music was that it was just a bunch of different things coming together. If we're not doing that, then it's not New Orleans music.

Molinario: There's a heavy emphasis on Fusion with a capital "F."

Clements:We studied jazz, we started out on rock playing different stuff, and Omari is talking about grunge…it represents a fusion itself of rock. I want to continue that and expand even more.

WYAT: Tell me about your performance at SXSW.

Neville:SXSW was the best gig of my life.

Molinario: We were in the presence of great musicians. People who played after us and before us, it was incredible. It was an amazing experience. I love Austin.

Neville: It was my best vocal performance as an artist. When we go on stage, we do us, and we have fun.

WYAT: Was there a lot of pressure to play SXSW being that New Orleans is known for its rich musical culture?

Molinario:When you play from that vein, you destroy yourself. But the thing that I love about this band is that I could be thinking all these thoughts like, "Oh man, I better impress all these people," and then the good guy Gregg is like "Man, don't play like that!"

Clements: It's good to have a little bit of this nervous energy because it matters that much more. Especially [at] SXSW, it was like we drove 8 hours to get here - this is the gig. There's going to be some nervous energy because you want it to go well.

WYAT: What's next?

Neville:We're going to Disney World!

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