PJ Morton Partners with PJ's Coffee

21:00 March 28, 2016
By: Emily Hingle

Have you picked up your free copy of Bounce & Soul Vol. 1 yet? The complimentary mixtape featuring the soulful R&B stylings of PJ Morton mixed with energetic bounce tunes is available now at PJ’s Coffee. The prolific musician, marketer, and music producer explains the mashup of music and caffeine: “As a marketing person who is also a musician, when I moved back home, I felt like this was the perfect brand for me to connect to because of my name, because of people outside of New Orleans looking at me as a representative of New Orleans, and I think that’s what PJ’s Coffee represents. It’s a quality brand built and raised in New Orleans, and I like to think that I am too. We got together, and I decided to put out this mixtape and I thought that it could be the distribution center for this album that I’m giving away for free. You can get the tunes with your coffee.”

Bounce & Soul, which features an amazing cast of musicians including Trombone Shorty, Mannie Fresh, Wild Wayne, and 5th Ward Weebie, is PJ Morton’s homage to the resilience of New Orleans. He just moved back to his hometown after fourteen years, and wanted to commemorate the occasion with a gift to us all. “Mixtapes are something that you give away; this is just something that I had fun with. It’s bounce music that I grew up on and mixed it with my soulful sound. It’s to bring attention to me as an artist and the PJ’s Coffee brand. I made it because of New Orleans; I’ve never done a bounce project before. I moved back just before the holidays; I got nostalgic and wanted to do something with bounce music. This is what I want to give to New Orleans as a gift. “

Remember to pick up your copy of Bounce & Soul when you get your morning coffee at 45 PJ’s Coffee locations in Louisiana. 

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