Public Image Ltd Heads to New Orleans

10:07 October 09, 2018
By: Steve Hatley

When asked why start a tour in New Orleans, John Lydon replied in the only way possible for a person who loves the city so, “Why not?”  Logistically speaking it’s a great starting point to feed the rest of the tour.  Lydon was in LA promoting his latest documentary and Public Image Ltd box set when he took the time out of his busy schedule to gush over New Orleans and his latest tour.

The last time PIL was in New Orleans, they played on Halloween at Voodoo Fest.  John said it was a great show, but the bus managed to get stuck in the mud.  This time around, they will be playing the Civic in an evening with adventure. Needless to say, he’s excited to bring the longer set to New Orleans and enjoys being able to “see the people’s eyes” he’s playing for.  The smaller venues are where he seems most comfortable, not to say he couldn’t do a huge stadium tour, but at this point in his career, he’s happy to keep it simple as possible.  I let him know that the Civic was just that type of venue and he was pleased to hear that.

Other than the obvious reasons for touring, like the sheer fun of performing, Lydon is using the tour to help him launch into recording a new album.  “I’m always writing,” even if the final product doesn’t end up being recorded.  I think it must be therapeutic in some way, at least from my perspective looking into the psyche of such and amazing and complex icon.    

I asked if there was a chance he’d play one of their most iconic tracks, “The Order of Death,” and he replied that the band had played it, but due to the respective nature of the song and the tone it has, it’s difficult to find a good spot in the set for it.  The “bathroom” break song as it were, probably won’t make the set, but one can hope.

You can see John and company at the Civic on Tuesday and check out their latest boxset and documentary as well.



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