Courtesy of Keri Wilk

Photographer Gets Caught in 'Poopnado'

20:17 January 23, 2015
By: Staff

Forget Sharknado, Drone and underwater photographer Keri Wilk has suffered through an even more harrowing experience - a "poopnado."

Huffington Post reported that Wilk, who has had years of experience in underwater photography, was diving off the coast of Dominica with four others in March 2014 when they were approached by what seemed like a calm sperm whale. However, that soon proved otherwise when the whale stopped in front of them and released a poopsplosion in every direction. Within in a short span of time, the crystal clear water turned into "chocolate milk" where, according to Wilk, you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face. The brown veil lasted for several minutes as the whale continued to experience his internal distress before sinking back down to the bottom to feed. And while I don't know much about sperm whale eating habits I suggest he lay off the tacos for a while. 

According to Wilk, the underwater crew was safe from the smell due to their masks, but "taste was another matter." And despite the fact that the crew essentially had sh** thrown at them they all look back at the memory with fondness and consider it an exciting and unusual water phenomenon. 

To each their own I guess.


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