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'Toast to 2017' Like A Boss

04:22 January 22, 2017
By: Emil Flemmon

"I'll just piggyback off Katy…" ~ Lori LeDay

There's no stopping the power of three working women who are friends first and handle business together "like a boss."

On Jan. 21, Felicity Magazine founders Lori LeDay and Sarah Wachter and publicist Katy Sandusky, teamed up to help benefit the non-profit organization Boys Hope Girls Hope during the 'Toast to 2017' event at the Gravier Street Social.

Boys Hope Girls Hope's mission is to provide for children who are academically motivated to improve their own lives with the help of others to stretch their potential — limitlessly.

Sandusky, known for her organization of the latest celebrity themed party, or something relative to her skills as publicist, took a break to explain to us why the organization was important to her. Never one to shy away from talking with an incredibly humble attitude to match, check out what she had to say:

On her decision to team up with Felicity Magazine for BHGH:

So Lori and I both sit on the Junior Board for Boys Hope Girls Hope, but aside from that, Lori and Sarah are some of my best friends and I've watched them in the last couple of years grow this magazine from a small idea into a major highlight in New Orleans. I'm actually honored they would partner with me to do this [chuckles]. Lori and I come from really stable parents who helped provide us such stable lives and that structure is what we want to give back to kids.

Wachter, who believes that philanthropy is a pivotal component to any growing business, was all smiles as her business partner, LeDay, took the stage to speak openly about their partnership with BHGH.

Lori LeDay:

Outside of being a part of the Junior Board, that was just the beginning. Since becoming a part of the board, I've really gotten an opportunity to see what it's all about. We do several events throughout the year but most importantly, we just like to raise money for the organization. I think kids are everything which is what Boys Hope Girls Hope is all about. Everything starts when you're younger and I think if we can teach these kids that they too can have an amazing life, it's so important.

Sandusky and LeDay opened up more about why patrons should be more optimistic towards giving to organizations. In past times, people have seen funds dispersed inappropriately resulting in scandal, embezzlement and bad publicity, which in turns, ruins the primary objectives.

On BHGH matching the action with the mission:

They house the kids, they help them through various extracurricular activities, and they work with the kids on exploring what religion (spirituality) they take an interest in. So they provide that stable environment that some, originally, may not have had.

LeDay expressed that with so many organizations centered on children within the city, it was her very own sister that attracted her to Boys Hope Girls Hope. She stated, "It was important to me to get involved with an organization…I have an older sister who's a school counselor in Lafayette dealing with kids with challenging circumstances. When I would hear her talk about it a lot, I knew what I wanted to do."

Sandusky and LeDay showcased that as friends, they can work cohesively for a greater cause bigger than them for the sake of others. With the current climate of our nation's division, willfully giving back doesn't deter these ladies one bit.

LeDay and Wachter's editorial duties for Felicity Magazine centers around fashion in NOLA with a taste of Vogue and Cosmo put together. Their audience doesn't discriminate against men either. Check out Felicity and the editorial comrades at FelicityNola.com. Look forward to LeDay and Sandusky teaming up for NOLA Fashion Week slated for March 13 - 19. Click here for further information as to how you can help the BHGH organization.

Check out the photos of the night below courtesy of Frederick Schiele of Beyond Horizons Photography:

Philanthropy Like A Boss
[Photo Provided by Where Y'at Staff/Emil Flemmon]

Juior Board Memeber of the Greater New Orleans Boy Hope Girls Hope Organization

Philanthropy Like A Boss
[Photo Provided by Where Y'at Staff/Emil Flemmon]

Mariana Marica x Katy Sandusky of Kay Lain PR

Philanthropy Like A Boss
[Photo Provided by Where Y'at Staff/Emil Flemmon]

Cydne Romine of BHGH and boyfriend Bobby Shipley

Philanthropy Like A Boss
[Photo Provided by Where Y'at Staff/Emil Flemmon]

Attendees for the "Toast to 2017" event

Philanthropy Like A Boss
[Photo Provided by Where Y'at Staff/Emil Flemmon]

JT Thomas of Ascention Branding x PR Katy Sandusky of Kay Lain PR x Larry Morrow of Larry Morrow Events
Philanthropy Like A Boss
[Photo Provided by Where Y'at Staff/Emil Flemmon]
Jackie Coughlin x Lauren Wiltz x Courtney Jones

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