12:01 October 26, 2014
By: Leith Tigges

Peelander-Z, a Japanese punk band known for its crazy costumes and stage antics, sets a different note for the punk scene. With a vivid imagination and extravagant performances, Peelander-Z refers to themselves as a “Japanese Action Comic Punk band hailing from the Z area of Planet Peelander.”

Peelander Yellow, who plays guitar and sings lead vocals, reveals exactly what makes Peelander-Z so unique. Between painting murals and fly-fishing, Yellow offers the same happy energy in interviews as he does during his crazy shows.

WYAT: What does Peelander-Z mean?
Peelander Yellow: It’s just the name of the product; the meaning is not only the name, though. The meaning behind Peelander-Z is just trying to make human beings smile.

WYAT: Tell me about Planet Peelander.
Yellow: Everybody is happy and smiling on Planet Peelander. It’s where the whole band is from and we came to Planet Earth because Earth needs smiles, to be more like Planet Peelander. 

WYAT: What’s the significance behind the color of each band member?
Yellow: Each member of the band is a different color of their choice, and their life corresponds with that color. I’m Peelander Yellow; I have yellow hair and yellow eyes, and I eat yellow foods like bananas, pineapple and mustard. Another example is Peelander Green, who travels in forests and eats salads.

WYAT: The band is known for its crazy audience participation. Why wrestling?
Yellow: We just like to make people happy at our shows and do crazy things like human bowling, jumping rope and fishing. The things we do are similar to what kindergarten students might do.

WYAT: What sets Peelander-Z apart from other punk bands that wear extravagant wigs and colors?
Yellow: There are lots of great, talented punk bands out there, but I think Peelander-Z brings more action, some happy energy. We have crazy costumes and we’re like an entertainment team, something totally different from anything else.

WYAT: What has been the inspiration behind your murals?
Yellow: I like painting murals on walls and trucks, painting things like crazy animals. I only just started about three weeks ago and now I’m working on painting a food trailer. It’s one of the things I love to do: music, fishing and painting.

WYAT: What has been the most memorable show?
Yellow: All of our shows are memorable and crazy, but for me I think it would be the show where I broke my foot during some stage wrestling. It hurt but I just kept playing. 

WYAT: This is Peelander-Z’s second time performing at Voodoo Fest. What are you most looking forward to?
Yellow: We love New Orleans and its food. I can’t wait to eat gumbo, jambalaya and crawfish. I’m also looking forward to seeing all of the different bands play. 

Catch Peelander-Z at 6 p.m. at the Carnival Stage on Sat., Nov.1.

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