Pat O'Brien's Noise Complaint Lawsuit

01:00 January 01, 1970
By: Paul Bentley

Pat O’Brien’s Bar has been part of an on going legal battle with a local NOLA resident over a noise complaint, and the dispute has only increased the amount of conflicts between French Quarter bars and their aggravated neighbors.  Peterson Yokum, the New Orleans artist who sued Pat O’Briens for noise pollution, has sprang his discontent with the bar into the public, and is most likely an active member of the group or “Coalition” called ‘Hear the Music, Stop the Noise.’  Yokum’s Lawyer, Stuart Smith, is the creator of the organization, but there is not an abundant amount of information on it, given their Wordpress blog is an invite only website, and their Facebook page leads the viewer to a failed server, but Smith maintains that the group intends on “finding the right balance” between the city’s nightlife and the resident's comfort.  Groups and coalitions such as 'Hear the Music, Stop the Noise' have tried to issue an updated noise ordinance or zoning laws restricting certain bars from the amount of noise they emit, and Pat O’Briens is only one of many undergoing lawsuits.  While the Peter Yokum-Pat O’Brien dispute has been an ongoing 8 year ordeal, Pat O’Brien’s has recently asked the judge for a unconstitutional ruling over the noise dispute.  

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