Oct 29 2012

Paranormal Activity 4

By: David Vicari


I feel that the first Paranormal Activity was an effectively scary movie. Then the sequels happened. Paranormal Activity 2 contradicts certain characters and story points established in the original. Then the third contradicts the first and second. By now, with Paranormal Activity 4, the entire mythology is a mess. Besides, this third cash-in sequel is tired stuff. A teenage girl, Alex (Kathryn Newton), and her family (who happen to record everything with digital cameras so this will be in keeping with the “found footage” format of the previous entries) witness strange occurrences when a mysterious young woman (series mainstay Katie Featherston) and her creepy “son” move in across the street. Of course the main characters make the dumbest, most illogical choices that put them in life threatening situations (Sure, run into the house that you suspect in a coven for devil worshipers...and keep the camera on!). There are plenty of cheap, false scares, some perpetrated by jump cuts, but very few of them actually work. I will admit that the final two minutes of are scary as hell, but it’s too little too late. The time to exorcise these demons really is long past due.


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